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    Suggest a game

    So, i'm bored of LoL, dota, diablo, anyone knows about some online games i can invest time in?

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    Path of Exile *points to the megathread*
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    Woah that's a lot of info... from starcraft to far cry, from mario up to asteroid.

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    if you're into old school dungeon crawlers go for "Legend of Grimrock"
    If you're into RPGs go for "Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim", a faster paced action rpg would be Dragon Age ...
    want some crazy funny fast paced outright dumb action ... go for "Super Crate Box" (it's free on steam and only 5mb or so ^^)
    for a diablo style game i'd also suggest "Path of Exile".
    Or simply get Dungeon Keeper 2 ( released a patch that lets it run on windows 7)
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