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    Can't load curse website, tried different browsers.

    Its apears my pc won't load curse website and this meens I can't get the curse client ect :/.

    tried google chrome, firefox and internet exlorer all giving me the "this page cannot be displayed"

    need help please!.

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    Tossing you over to Suggestions and Feedback!

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    ok thank you, still need helps tho

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    Is there any other information on the page?

    Can you post a screenshot?

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    While this may not be the exact same problem, I also have major issues with the curse website.
    1. Rigistering was not possible for me in chrome.
    2. 90% of the capchas are unreadable in all browsers, yes I understand you cant make them easy to read but they are just god awful.
    3. Once I finally rigistered (in firefox) and comfirmed my email address I was told by the website (in chrome) that the account didnt exist.
    4. Posting a comment at the addon page is almost impossible for whatever reason, I clicked the post button more than 10 times (while waiting for a few secs inbetween) and it finally showed up. Then when double checking if my question was showing (in another browser) the question was gone.
    5. I cant use my curse accounts for logging into the curse website (wtf?), the account I use for the curse client doesnt work on the curse website and neither does the one I use on diablofans.
    6. That leads me to the last point, why is my MMOC account not a curse account?

    Some of these points are so ridiculous it might sounds like im trolling but all of this is true and it happened when I wanted to ask the addon author of kAutoQuest a question (Yes I am Pacer21).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pacer View Post
    6. That leads me to the last point, why is my MMOC account not a curse account?
    We don't have CurseAuth, so the accounts are separate.

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