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    Quote Originally Posted by checking facts View Post
    1 per 100 = 1%
    1 per 1000 = 0.1%

    percent comes from the latin per centum which means "per 100" lol
    I'd check the person I was responding to as they were wrong and the people they were correcting was right.

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    I have one, but I don't like it much. Too similar to the undead mounts in my opinion. I prefer my Raven Lord.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ablib View Post
    According to Wowhead, this has a .7% drop rate, which is pretty low. For those that struggle with math, this is less than a 1 percent drop chance.
    And wowhead had Invincible reins is at 5% drop rate, even Blizz said it is at 1%. so drop chances on wowhead is not to accurate, atleast on items that had the drop chance change.

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    I got it while leveling my 2h axe skills up on my warrior back in early wotlk and he happened to drop it O.o I don't use it because I have undead toons and it's really just the same thing :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enflamable View Post
    So yeah, is it lower than 0.10% or do people just not farm it?
    Of the dungeon/raid drops, the Deathcharger is the easiest (by far) to farm. You get 5 attempts per hour for it. The only other mounts that you can farm just as often are the Stonecore and Vortex Pinnacle ones, but they require either a certain class, gear or skill. The Deathcharger requires none of this, on top of if being in the LFD satchel. It's not rare at all and not an attractive mount. Before the buff to 1% droprate it at least had it's rarity going for it.

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    i won't say ive runned it the most but ive ran Stratholme 173 damn times and it havnt drop a single time, 3 epic swords and 1 world drop epic have dropped but no mount, it's getting really annoying since i got it on my hunter on the 17th run but that might have been luck only i guess?
    But when thinking bout it i shouldn't complain since my friend have done 437 runs and still doesn't have it haha poor little guy..

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    It was indeed changed to 1% in WotLK. i.e. 1 in 100. (Try /roll until you get 100. Note that it will always be 1% no matter how many runs. (See probability below))

    You have a...

    ...25% chance to see it drop within 28 runs.
    ...33% chance to see it drop within 40 runs.
    ...50% chance to see it drop within 68 runs.
    ...66% chance to see it drop within 109 runs.
    ...75% chance to see it drop within 138 runs.
    ...99% chance to see it drop within 458 runs.

    No amount of runs gives you a 100% chance to see the mount.
    I, for instance have the mount, much like many other. I guess people prefer using other mounts over this one due to various reason, one being it's too common, hence why you see "no one" with it.

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    Lol, same here. I don't really like having it on my undead.

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    I got it after 100.

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    Because while it is a hard to obtain mount by most standards. It doesn't fly, and therefore in the WoW universe, serves no purpose.

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    Is it really 0.1%? I thought it was something in the lines of 0.01%?
    Maybe the mount has gained the reputation of "the ultimate rare mount" and only a handful will be arsed to go and farm it?

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    Over 200 attempts finally got it used it once never rode on it again

    but then again im horde so riding a slightly different colour forsaken mount dont intrest me that much

    though i still see alot of alliance players riding on it

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    It's an awesome mount, I have it on two chars: my shamy and dk, I prefer my dk riding it though.
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    This is a secret :o
    It dropped once when I was lvling through LFD with my mage but a druid won it T_T
    If I had won it then I would soon have it since MoP brings account wide mounts :<

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    I have one, took me 553 runs to get it but it looks shithouse for orcs which is why i don't use it (may race change to UD to use it when new models come in)

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    I have it, wasnt long farm. I dont use it, since i play horde tho.

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    I got it when it was really rare then the up it and now everyone has it
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    Was my first ever rare drop mount, and I still use it today. Not as often as my swift spectral or Razzashi raptor, but as Alliance the Deathcharger is still special to me so it's always included...I just wish they'd update the racial mount models with new player race models in the future.

    Contrary to what a lot of others seem to do though, I don't just use mounts because I don't see anyone else on it. I get mounts for myself, not to show off. I love them all and Gogo-mount has me using them all ^^.
    Blizzard didn't cave in on the flight topic, they didn't "pussy out", they didn't roll over. They did what GROWN UPS DO, they compromised! Now watch the childish people that believe this to be a pissing contest between a company and it's customers go haywire. Meanwhile us adults that worked together to achieve this can be happy and rejoice! What are we without the skies? Soon we won't have to wonder anymore!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lulleh View Post
    It was indeed changed to 1% in WotLK. i.e. 1 in 100. (Try /roll until you get 100. Note that it will always be 1% no matter how many runs. (See probability below))

    I, for instance have the mount, much like many other. I guess people prefer using other mounts over this one due to various reason, one being it's too common, hence why you see "no one" with it.
    you seem to be the only one here who understand how to interpret drop chances

    I'm german so I use commas
    the drop chance is 1% atm
    100% equals 1
    1% equals 0,01
    formula: 1 - ,99^(n)
    n is equivalent to your tries
    1 - ,99^(25) = ,2222 = 22,22%
    1 - ,99^(50) = ,3950 = 39,50%
    1 - ,99^(75) = ,5294 = 52,94%
    1 - ,99^(100) = ,6340 = 63,40%
    This means you have a chance of 63,40% to see this mount dropping in your 100th run.

    Unnerfed is was 0,01% right?
    ,01% equals ,0001
    1 - ,9999^(1000) = ,09517 = 9,517%

    I really hope I'm not talking shit here

    ont topic: Have this mount too, but I'm not really using it very often. I should use it more often, tho it lost its uniqueness after that 1% buff.

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    Deathcharger's Reins' drop rate is %0.7. Really hard to get.

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