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    I constantly upgraded my "white quality" gear at any vendor I could because I thought armour on my hunter was the best.

    hahaha oh god...

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    Oh gods, I don't know if I want to admit this.

    But in Vanilla, my very first toon was a dwarf paladin. When I saw the cinematic, with the dwarf and the bear, I wanted a bear pet. So I ran around Dun Morogh, trying to figure out how to train a bear as a pet. I went to the pet trainer but she wouldn't help me.

    It wasn't until I asked in Trade (and even that . . . oh boy, took me a while to figure out how to talk in trade) where I found out Dwarf Paladins, even though they are awesome (seriously, dwarves are the only Alliance race I have respect for) cannot train pets.

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    I meleed for 12 levels on a lock I made out of boredom one night. I had been playing a mage but for whatever reason I thought locks were melee. I was even in the beta which makes the fact that I did that even worse.

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    Got stuck in silvermoon city for 2 hours because I didn't know there was a full map, and the exits are those strange little paths that look like they are blocked by pictures of Kael.
    After the 2 hours I finally ended up working out how to use trade and general chat, and a nice guy brought me out of the city.

    Also rolled a Draenei Warrior, that didn't go down well. Couldn't beat the last boss of the bloodmyst isles. He was just unkillable without some form of heal/pet.
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    Tried to walk from Stormwind to Ironforge at level 35.
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    I started out by rolling a Gnome Mage, (i thought gnomes was awesome at that time). As i leveled up and got new spells i thought the more spells i used the better mage i would be, so i litererally lined up all spells i learned and pressed them in order fighting each enemy and adding more spells to my line for each one i learned ^^
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    Back in March 2005, Spec'ed Holy as a DPS Paladin because I thought consecration looked like an awesome move and since i was in Duskwood thought the holy damage would do more to undead.. It used a lot of mana though so I went and bought a whole heap of Stam/Spirit "of the whale" gear for more mana. Little did I know Intellect gave Mana, spirit just gave Mana Regen.

    Once I hit 30 though I went Prot for Blessing of Kings and Reckoning. Ended up as Ret around 45. Never looked back, and from then on always did research on my Class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry Botter View Post
    I meleed for 12 levels on a lock I made out of boredom one night. I had been playing a mage but for whatever reason I thought locks were melee. I was even in the beta which makes the fact that I did that even worse.
    At least you had the old off-hand firestones to buff your melee damage

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    I did all the typical huntard things. Equipping gear with the wrong stats (Because more armor is ALWAYS good, right? And caster stats will help my arcane shot and self-healing... though to be fair I came from Phantasy Star Online where both these things were TRUE.), running out of arrows halfway through my first dungeon and melee'ing the rest of it (because at level 25-ish, from BFD to the nearest place I could buy arrows - Auberdine or Astranaar - was a long goddamn run.), not training for several levels because I had NO clue how to make money and I had to choose between training or saving up for a mount, and walking everywhere was soooooo sloooow... XD

    I eventually met a nice mage who set me straight, pointed me at a few good websites, and gave me enough money for my mount AND my training out of the kindness of her heart.
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    I can't think of a single action I did as it should during my 1-65 leveling, somehow at 65-70 I stopped becoming a retard and suddenly knew how the game worked.

    Granted, WoW was the first online game I evel played next to I blame runescape.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jeina View Post
    Tried to walk from Stormwind to Ironforge at level 35.
    I walked from Thunderbluff to Stormwind at level 7 so I could meet with my human friend irl to group up and quest together...didn't work out so well as I was shocked when the guards attacked me. I thought I had broke the game.

    You can imagen how sad I was as it took me a lot of hours, as the distance wasn't far enough I didn't even know their was a map in took me about 5 days to travel to him. (couple of hours a day of traveling)
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    I remember back in the day i was in a group for a WC run, the group kept asking me for food and water and i had no idea what they really wanted from me, i've been looting the mobs and when they opened a trade window i gave them what i looted.

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    Made a Gnome rogue couple months after launch then died in dusk wood and got pissed. Then I just rolled a human warrior and now I'm here...

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    I rolled a Night Elf Hunter & didn't know about professions until TBC beta came out.
    Quote Originally Posted by Slant View Post
    TL;DR: Did raiding kill WoW? Nope. But catering the game to people who clearly shouldn't be playing it did.
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    After coming from SWG and using a tank spec to lvl as a Jedi, I thought it would be a good idea to level as a protection warrior...

    Being new in vanilla was great though, WoW has kinda ruined the new factor to any new MMO now as I do my research first.

    Just to add, I also made alts in vanilla and bought 'white' gear thinking I was OP for a lvl 5...
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    first char was a mage, spec'd it fire, and used majority frost spells... epic fail lol

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    I would fade on my priest and wonder why people could see me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Archdruid Dehydrate View Post
    I rolled a Night Elf Hunter & didn't know about professions until TBC beta came out.
    I didn't found out about AH till 54 either, I bought white gear from blacksmiths wich costed 20x times more than anything on AH

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    I wore a mix of Intellect, Agilty and Strength gear as a Warlock, wore a grey trash robe that I found at Northshire Abbey until lv50 and raised all weapon skills including unarmed every time I levelled up.

    I didn't know what an instance was until lv40 ish.
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    Tried having a conversation in /1 chat
    but I was doing it in /s
    Another players going through the first mine in elwynn forest was nice enough to fix it for me =)

    Also made the mistake of leveling a warrior as my first character in this genre in vanilla. Holy shit was leveling one ridiculous. Not 100% hp can't event pull 1 mob.

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    as a feral starting the game mid-wrath, i kept claw on my bar until long after turning 80... and never looked at the stats window. hit rating? what's that, guys?

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