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    till about 10 i thought agi made you attack faster, so i stacked it on my war
    till about 30-40 on my war back in vanilla i thought agi was amazing cause it gave me crit

    i remember getting stuck in rp walk mode in like wetlands and didn't know how to turn it off, so i walked back to IF to ask people how to turn it off lol
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    I literally die every time i see people using literally wrong.

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    Rolled a Warlock at launch thinking I'd be anything more than a summon monkey.
    Don't blame the casuals for making Warcraft worse. It's the unskilled masses who refuse to improve themselves and Blizzard who has decided to bribe these folks with an endless shower of purples that should draw the ire of both casual and hardcore alike. It was never about "seeing the content" for these people it's always been about the gear and their sense of entitlement.

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    -Ten manned DM and proceeded to wipe on captain greenskin (or w/e the guy with the polearm was called).
    -Tried to farm the Glyph armor because I thought it would be awesome to have a named set like that.
    -Made well over 100g before hitting 40 but spending it all as I leveled on really stupid crap.

    Those are the things that come to mind off the top of my head.

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    First class was a troll warrior. Was wearing mostly intellect greens, I thought intellect actually made my toon smarter and capable of taking on higher level mobs. I was kicked out of most groups I joined as I was usually volunteering to be the tank. Oh the noob days were so fun. Even though it's retarded, I would do anything to be new to the game again.

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    I remember when I was level 20 or so In Redridge as a Human I really wanted to get to Loch Modan. I had no idea how so I did the logical thing and looked at the map to see which paths I could make through different zones. I grave ran through Burning Steppes and Searing gorge to be met with the Gate that you need a quest to open up. I remember after that someone told me you had go to Iron Forge through the tram, which I didn't know existed. After I got to loch modan I just continual made my way up the continent just to see what there was. Ended up making my way to Scarlet Monastery as like a level 20

    I don't regret doing It because i'll probably never experience that level of exploration in WoW again
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    People so addicted that they're actually angry at Blizzard for WoW getting old >.< Insulting WoW because your tired of it is like hating your dad because he's older than you and not as fun as your friends.

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    So who here made a night elf and hiked all the way from Darnassus to Ironforge back in the day?

    My god, wasn't that an inauguration for newb night elves (or dwarves going in the opposite direction)

    Those wetlands crocolisks

    Those damned wetlands crocolisks

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    I had no clue what other zones were, and I crossed the river south from elwynn to duskwood (if that's the wrong name, it has been a while) and got destroyed by wolves.

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    Spread my talent points evenly across all three trees.

    Did this until about level 40.
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    The short answer is nope, the long answer is noooooooooooooooope.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Syrele View Post
    I had no clue what other zones were, and I crossed the river south from elwynn to duskwood (if that's the wrong name, it has been a while) and got destroyed by wolves.
    Lulz, I had a similar experience crossing Deadwind Pass at level 30 to get to the Swamp of Sorrows. Made a wrong turn and OMG LEVEL ?? VULTURE EATING MY FACE! WHERE IS MY GOD NOW?

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    In somewhat chronological order:

    Read the manual
    Quested by only auto-attacking for the first few levels
    Thought my friends Resurrection Sickness was because they were Undead
    Scared to use addons because I thought they were cheating
    DPS'd as a bear.
    My friend taking me through Wailing Caverns and not making that 'jump' and becoming HOPLESSLY LOST for an extensive amount of time
    Needing on all leather and having my friend tell me not to need everything.
    Scared to need on anything for many levels after.
    Thinking "I'm going to be rich" after discovering the auction house and posting all the low lvl crap in my bags.
    Lining up with my group to take a screenshot after clearing some scarlet monastery wing. (We out leveled it)
    Faction pride
    Wearing all leather regardless of int or agi
    Blackrock Depths.
    Attack power gem as moonkin
    Joining a group that was looking for a tank and not knowing what a tank is
    Elevator bosses
    Prowling to Alysrazors lair while our 25 man was killing trash and moonfiring Staghelm for no obvious reason. The encounter bugged and Voracious Hatchlings wreaked havoc throughout the instance and wouldn't even reset the next day. Killed our progression for that week....

    I miss the learning experience. If only I had some Forget-Me-Nows
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    The newb thing I did was try to do the lame missions and story instead of just pvping

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    I have a more recent newb moment!

    As in "I did this this week" newb moment.

    So my guild finished Heroic Zonozz and we get to Hagara. We weren't ready for Heroic Hagara (not so much that we can't do it, just that no one had read the strat yet. We're obviously not in a hurry to clear 8/8 heroic.) Anyways, loot gets passed out and I make my way up to Hagara's room. Not thinking, I activated the trash just so they'd be there when we were ready to start clearing.

    Our raid leader goes to switch it back to normal . . . Yeah, apparently the trash counts as the boss encounter.

    We got wtfpwnt, not knowing the strat.

    I felt like an asshole for locking us on heroic for a boss we didn't know how to do on heroic.

    But we're doing her on heroic this week, who knows, maybe we'll kill her.

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    When I first learned stealth on my rogue, I did not know if I was actually invisible to other players, or if I was transparent to everyone like I was when I saw myself on my screen.

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    Levelled 1-70 in BC with aspect of the viper on as a Hunter.

    My thought was, "Oh cool, unlimited mana!" But never realized that my damage was reduced by 50%

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    Tried to walk from Stormwind to Ironforge.

    I hadn't heard anything at all about the tram and at the time hadn't had any introduction to public birds.

    I think I was level 11 or so. It didn't end well.

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    In some small dive."
    Leveling my rogue, I didnt want to see my cloak so I unequipped it, till about level 76

    same with my helm lol
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    I hear in order to get the browser attunement, you first had to run heroic Internet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarac View Post
    I walked from Thunderbluff to Stormwind at level 7 so I could meet with my human friend irl to group up and quest together...didn't work out so well as I was shocked when the guards attacked me. I thought I had broke the game.

    You can imagen how sad I was as it took me a lot of hours, as the distance wasn't far enough I didn't even know their was a map in took me about 5 days to travel to him. (couple of hours a day of traveling)
    That is epic. Seriously.

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    In vanilla, me - who was really trying hard to be a good PVP hunter. I got into the best Warsong Gulch group with all the best raiders on the server one night after some of their guys logged off.

    Me to the best hunter on the server: "What was that you did that stopped that guy and made him walk around."

    "What, Scatter shot?" he asks... brutal.

    ... even before that... I used to try and level against mobs higher than my level basically all the time. Sometimes I'd go into high level caves and die over and over again... even if it was just to pick something up off the ground. So I'd just run past all the mobs I couldn't kill sometimes, and sometimes dying over and over, just to pick up an item - then Spirit Rez out. Took 20 days to level from 1 to 60 in vanilla... painful. Very bad strategy... I'd also go out of my way to uncover every corner of every map... of course that made getting The Explorer very easy for me... all I had to do was uncover a couple little areas, no big deal. Heh.

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    WoW wasn't my first MMO, so I adapted almost immediately. The most newbish thing I probably ever did is not know that WSG flags couldn't be capped without the opposing sides returned. I thought you just had to run three of them faster than the other team. I yelled at somebody for helping the other team win, and felt stupid after.

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    2 things come to mind. Didn't realize ranged weapons worked underwater until in Loch Modan. Remember thinking how absurd it was, on top of already thinking how stupid it was bludgeon and edged/stabbing weapons did equal damage versus a given armor type. Even Diablo 1 knew that bludgeons were bad for skeletons, for example.

    The other still embarrasses me. my hunter always ended up having to kill mobs via melee (not sure why pet didn't hold threat, didn't know why at the time, this was in BC and boar charge front-loaded a lot of threat on the mob), so using my ah earnings, got what I assumed was the best epic I could find for the 40's - kang.
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