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    New Achievements you'd like to see in MoP

    The four big ones I'd like to see are

    150 Mounts
    200 Mounts
    250 Mounts
    500k HKs

    150 mounts is a gimme at this point for a lot of people, and it will be even more so with the plethora of mounts available shortly after release in MoP. 200 mounts will still take a bit of work on release to get for people with a lot of mounts now, but you should see this on most servers 90 days into MoP.

    Now 250 and 500k HKs probably aren't going to be all that popular but hear me out. These are called achievements for a reason, it gives us something to work toward. There is nothing wrong at all with not getting achievements the day they are released and it should be motivation for any collector to keep pushing forward.

    What are some achievements that you'd like to see?
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    Id like to see a FoS for "Its over 15000 achievement points" or close to that

    then as you say a new mount one for 150+ would be nice,

    Also add more achievements like "Herald of the Titans" for older instances,so i can level/use twinks!! Long shot i know

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    500k HKs may be getting excessive & could be looked at promoting an unhealthy playstyle. To be asked to get 250k HKs over the course of one expansion would require about 420 HKs each and every day over about a 20 month (typical ex-pack length) span. That's a lot when you aren't using openraid and AV preform enabler. Plus it opens up the "Well it's be 250k more HKs in the next ex-pack again" road.

    What would probably have been better (at least in my opinion) is to reduced "the Bloodthirsty" to 200k HKs and then create a new title for 300k HKs. 100k per ex-pack is still a huge number but isn't getting into crazyville type numbers.
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    Would like to the see the 150/200/250 mountsachievement too but about the 500k hk? I think, that would be just to much.
    Something like 300k-350k would be fine i guess.

    I would like to see some more rep achievements. While we get the 60exalted on Mop, i already have 62 @ Live.
    Add 65, 70 & 75 (you could reach 77, but that would require zandalari & shen'drelar)

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    ~150, 200, 250 Mounts
    ~500k / 750k / 1 Mio HKs
    ~X time "Glad / -HotA / -HotH"
    ~X time "Darkmoon Dominator"

    And mostly i 'd like to see again huge amount of AVs like back in Ulduar. For every raidboss 3-6 non-meta AVs. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dakhath View Post
    The three big ones I'd like to see are

    150 Mounts
    200 Mounts
    250 Mounts
    500k HKs
    I just had to point it out, those are actually four achievements

    I was hoping for 11 classes to level 90, but it seems they're limiting the achievement to 5 classes, kinda disappointing.

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    more mounts
    more achievement points
    battlemaster for the new bg's (except isle... fuck that place)

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    Feats of Strenght for Rhok/Lok'delar and Anathema/Benediction for hunters and priests. They deserve it if they went through all the trouble.

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    500/1k arena wins

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    Additional win achievements for the bg's and maybe a title for getting 200 or 300 wins in a bg. Or even stacking titles. 100 wins Wasong Gulch Veteran. 200 wins Warsong Gulch Guru. 300 wins Warsong Gulch Champ, or something along those lines.

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    50k fish caught
    100k fish caught
    250k fish caught
    500k fish
    1 million fish caught!

    Simply because... fish.
    I know only one guy on my server who would get close to that 1million mark.
    He'd need it to be an account achieve, but still. sic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by orxilalo View Post
    500/1k arena wins
    Most people are long past 1k.

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    More mounts and more rep titles (like "The Diplomat and Guardian of Cenarius)

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    if u mean like the 1-2% that do arenas then yeah... MOST PEOPLE =D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    I just had to point it out, those are actually four achievements

    I was hoping for 11 classes to level 90, but it seems they're limiting the achievement to 5 classes, kinda disappointing.
    Ha, you're right. I actually tossed in the 250 mounts as an afterthought and didn't change my original post.

    Regarding 500k hks, with HKs being account wide I don't think its too unreasonable, and it would give people who focus on pvp a feather in their cap so to speak if they got to it. I'm most interested in the mount achievements myself, I think its ridiculous that we currently don't have one and the most recent one is from WotLK. Anyone that has even a minor interest in mount collecting has well over 100 at this point, I hope its something they add at the last moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    I was hoping for 11 classes to level 90, but it seems they're limiting the achievement to 5 classes, kinda disappointing.
    Was hoping for that as well =/

    Also agrees with a higher HK one, 250k is to low with the new account wide HKs

    edit: First post btw, Hello everyone! =)

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    maybe some class Achievements like diablo3

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    Quote Originally Posted by noxus View Post
    maybe some class Achievements like diablo3
    This is what I want.
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    I'd like an achievement for collecting all the legendaries still obtainable

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    Pretty much, just a 150/200 mount achieve. Im currently at 158 on my main- Come mists, Ill have a good 165 mounts due to the other mounts I have on my various alts (Sea Turtle, South Wind, Prof mounts, ect.)
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