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    where can I watch the London 2012 opening ceremony for free?

    I missed the opening ceremony for the olympics because I had a dinner with my parents, aunt and uncle for my aunt's birthday. is there a website where I can watch the entire thing for free, preferably with English commentary (like BBC)? IOC is being a bitch again on youtube with copyright claims.

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    Well it depends which country you're in. If you're in the UK, or otherwise allowed to watch iPlayer content, you can see it here:


    If you're somewhere else, USA for example, try checking NBC's website and see if they let you watch it again?

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    apparently, due to "Olympic regulations", i can't watch it with English commentary on either BBC or NBC. loosely translated: I need to watch it on the Belgian national television website, which sucks ass, but at least it's something.

    unless there's an unofficial video somewhere of someone who recorded it at home that hasn't been taken down yet.
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    in an age of the internet - and i don't condone this - there are a number of sites which I'm sure have access to ways you can acquire the broadcasts.

    copyright infringement is fucking wrong though, remember that!

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    i've looked further. Belgian television only has highlights. even worse...

    you're right, if they want to be such big asshats about it, i'll look for a pirated version.

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    yeah, just don't link them here.

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