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    Quote Originally Posted by Nym View Post
    I'm in a heroic raiding guild with four female raiders, myself included. I also raid lead and organise our strategy's with my boyfriend.

    My very first hardcore raiding guild back in TBC was lead by two girls, hell the main tank was also female as well as a few other members. They're top 300 world rank now, though I don't know who from the old crew still raid with them.

    I have never seen any guilds with gender restrictions. I'm from the EU though, maybe things are different on the US?
    What do you mean by hardcore, 8/8 with 30% nerf or killing morchok on heroic.

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    I would like to inform everyone that they are way over reacting to this thread. If you want to know, Nebula did allow me to join their guild and I am in fact (with MD verification) a female.

    It is very understandable that guilds would want a female in their ranks, even when they are an all male guild. They need someone to do their tailoring, cooking, and babysit their non-combat pets.

    I simply had to submit photos, measurements, raid experience, Specs, stats, professions maxed leveled, and the promise that the internet connection from my kitchen works fine.

    So please, cut strict guilds like these are break.


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    It really wasn't necessary to necro this thread

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