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    Mark of the Heavy Hide - Rank 3 - Bugged or WAI?

    Hey everyone,

    I recently picked up enchanting on my Tank-Alt, and checked where to get all the rank 2/3 stuff. As a Tank, naturally I was mostly interested in the Mark of the Heavy Hide enchant, and already dreaded the requirements for obtaining rank 2 of it -> A random drop from bears (a quite rare one also) AND the rep-requirement: Dreamweavers exalted (taken from wowhead) which sounded pretty annoying.

    Now today, I did LFR and the Rank 3 Recipe dropped from Ursoc, now I was wondering why the "Requires previous Rank" tooltip was missing, but it turned out that I could just learn the rank 3 recipe, without even having the rank 2 one.
    Is this working as intended? Does it work like that on any other recipes as well?

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    i think i had that tooltip missing before too, hmm

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    Rank 3 of the Mark of the Trained Soldier can also be learned without rank 2, or at least it was possible when I did it.

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