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    [Ironpaw Token]

    Sitting on over 200 tokens in total over 3 character and wondering if i can earn a easy buck on it. but no idea what to sell or if i should buy shit and craft. any suggestions?
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    Use ur token and buy all mats you need to make 300 food noodles cart kits, and sell these on AH.
    or just sell food on AH,

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    the spices (Black Pepper, 100 year soy sauce, Rice Flour) sell decently. I think its 100g per atm on my realm? can't remember, but its probably better then anything else you can get with em.
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    They're absolutely worth selling. Undermine Journal has a very thorough break down of what generates the highest gold per token broken down by realm. I like to keep things simple and just sell the Soy Sauce or Black Pepper.

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    Spices are really easy to sell, usually 100 g per spice. Otherwise some ingredients go decently aswell.

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    Yeah i sell for about 100g per spice, as they are used a lot in noodle carts. Have 2 nomi's so a steady suppy
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