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    Anyone tinkered with the level 90 holy talents?

    I've read some blogs/forum posts about it being very underwhelming. Anyone have input as to their experience and what they think will be most raid effective, especially in 25 mans?

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    They are all fight dependent. IMO Bliz actually did a good job with these. Halo & Cascade are both great "go-to" uses... anytime the raid is spread out these are good. Halo is great on a fight like Lei Shei (whatever her name is) because there are long periods of light/single target/tank damage and then 1 big burst (the run away) so you aren't really hurt by the long CD. Cascade is great on any fight where you're spread out and there's a fair amount of damage going out (assuming your mana can sustain it on CD, because 2x Cascade is more than 1x Halo and you can cast Cascade more often). DS is great in a fight where you're all stacked. The short CD makes it heal more than a PoH could and also across the entire raid (even though it does have DR)

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    I currently have a Disc healing guide


    located there, and It goes over all the talents and which are better than others. Please check it out

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