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    Quote Originally Posted by pickles View Post
    You want to play an MMO just to dance? Okay then?
    That's not what he said.

    Surprised that this thread is still alive.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nest View Post
    Surprised that this thread is still alive.
    What else did you expect? It's like going into a barbershop and expecting a milliner.

    Hatters be hattin'.

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    Haha this actually looks like an Asura (from I can has cheezburger.)

    Still my main is going to be an asura necro. Why? Because Asuras are the coolest of all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajoram View Post
    Even though all my friends keep telling me about how awesome GW2 is going to be, I have to facepalm everytime I see a screenshot of an Asura...

    It has to be the most ugly, stupid-looking race I've ever seen in any game I've ever played.

    As much as I would like to join my friends in GW2 I just can't get over it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by pacox View Post
    If you don't like Asura then you are racist!
    Quite a claim. Care to explain?

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    15 pages on asura looks... wow, we need this game to release so we can stop talking and start playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrSerious View Post
    15 pages on asura looks... wow, we need this game to release so we can stop talking and start playing.
    I tend to agree

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lurker87 View Post
    Here it is, looped for one hour. I bet you can't make it 5 mins lol.
    People have been banned for less than that!
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    I agree with you op, they look horrible. But besides that I love the game, one race out of five wont make me give up playing. If there was only one race I like I would still play. Its not like that in any other MMO I ever played I liked all races. I just dont play the ones I dont like.

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    They remind me of Dobby.

    That's not a good thing.

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