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    Quote Originally Posted by HeatM1ser View Post
    ah...then I need to figure out how to shield them with spirit shell
    Activate Spirit Shell and cast PoH on them and it will bubble them instead of healing. I use a macro like this to be able to switch it off with a second click if I need to:

    /cancelaura Spirit Shell
    /use Spirit Shell

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    Quote Originally Posted by Noradin View Post
    Activate Spirit Shell and cast PoH on them and it will bubble them instead of healing. I use a macro like this to be able to switch it off with a second click if I need to:

    /cancelaura Spirit Shell
    /use Spirit Shell
    Thats really helpful! Thanks

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    As said earlier, this is a pretty good beginners guide for disc priests. However - for a beginners guide I personally feel that there is a few things missing. This I would feel matter for someone who is getting into disc priest healing. This was also mentioned earlier in this thread.

    Does Atonement healing work with Grace, and does it work with Archangel? Yes it does, Healing from atonement do increase with grace and Archangel.
    Im afraid I cant give any calculations, my brain simply does not work with math. But I can give example.

    Atonement without Grace (no crit)
    Dps: 19855
    Heal: 19855

    Atonement with Grace (no crit)
    Dps: 22865
    Heal: 28799

    Atonement with Grace and Archangel (no crit)
    Dps: 19963
    Heal: 32440

    I would personally find this very helpful in a guide which would help in a moderate tank damage situation where smite healing is allowed.

    Also: Borrowed time grants 15% spell haste for your next heal after casting power word shield. It might be worth mentioning that this is something you should make use of, take for example: When you know that you will have to cast an important heal (a Greater Heal on the tank, who will be taking high damage at that time, for example), it is good to think ahead and have your Borrowed Time buff active.
    Penance does not consume the Borrowed Time buff, even though its cast time does benefit from the buff. for maximum efficiency, you should try to cast a Penance after your Power Word: Shield and before the heal which will consume Borrowed Time.

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    This guide is lacking a lot of things, and is outright incorrect in some places, I could correct/mention what I feel should be changed but it's honestly at a stage where it'd be better to simply write a new guide (which seems kinda pointless considering that this for some reason is stickied). The only one who could have some use for it is an apprentice disc but for those there are far better options (just head over to H2P).

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    I would like to think that I have done a good job on this guide, but I am not perfect. Are there flaws in my guide? Of course, all guides have flaws. Nobody is perfect. When I wrote this guide for MMOC there was nobody else willing to put in the time and effort to help out the priest community, so I took it upon myself to write a guide in order to help some people. I am proud to say that my poll (86% say it was helpful) proves that I have done a good job with helping people. Although I do not consider myself a expert at the Discipline spec, I am still a good raider and a good discipline priest.
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    Mod hat time.
    Velosi, really could use the stand-down of H2P. For the most part, they're pretty good people. And "relying on people to donate money" means that you aren't selling yourself out to people infecting the shit out of your site like was to stay running. Veiled does a lot of good things, but bandwidth isn't quite free in the western world just yet. But we don't need site-vs-site rivalry and bickering.

    Cookie: Agreeing with Velosi here. You have suggestions, make them. Pick it apart, and make it better. Saying "Go to H2P" doesn't help the forums here at all. Fact is, this isn't H2P, and while I actually like most of the people over there, the Priest section of MMO-Champion should not be a big redirect to Veiled's site. Seriously.

    Taking off the mod hat
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    As stated I simply feel like there's too much that needs to be corrected and in some areas it's simply lacking the content required for it to be helpful (pretty much just pasting the in-game description) for this to be stickied, but I can help out a bit and make a few suggestions since I'm not being particulary helpful either atm. This is just a few things that I saw when I skimmed through it and far from the only things that should be changed.

    Starting out, I just figured I'd mention that the guide doesn't differentiate between 25 and 10, despite both the playstyle and stat values being different. Not that big of a deal I guess.

    The following is incorrect:
    So which ones is better? Well it really depends on the fight. If the fight is mainly constant raid damage and you do not have any down time, then Mindbender is going to be the better choice. However, if the fight has damage every 1.5 mins and there is a 10 second break (this is only an example) then PW:Solace would be better.
    No solace isn't better with just a 10 sec break every 1,5 minutes, do I need to explain why?

    Out of the three choices from this tier, they are all nice for their own reason. Divine Insight is a really interesting one because it can proc a lot. It is mostly going to be use if you are focusing on healing a tank so you get the rapture proc.
    If you are heavily tankhealing (only time you'd ever consider getting DI, since it's outright bad) you will already reduce the weakened soul debuff with your heals. DI barely helps with rapture procs but is a massive mana hog, yet the reader gets the impression that it's a mana saving talent?

    Glyph area simply isn't including half the useful glyphs.

    "I would say that Penance and Prayer of Mending are needed if you are not doing the whole “Archangel” type healing,"
    PoM is a very situational glyph, and definitely not something that should be taken every fight.

    So which buff should I use over the other? Well, preferably you should use IF for the extra throughput, but if you are having mana problems, IW will also be a good choice.
    This just isn't helpful, I think a player can read the description on their own. Excluding the fact that you should be gemming for more regen if you have mana issues (not change to IW) IW does have some situational usage (e.g. blade-lord) but you simply aren't including anything but this?

    In the cd area just describing what they do (again, simply hovering with your mouse over the spell in the game gives just as much information).

    Several of the SS usage advice is very questionable, I'll simply mention the things that are outright wrong.

    Using SS on the tank will allow the VD targets to take NO damage.
    Shadowy attacks?

    Spirit kings:
    SS should be used on CD and on the raid for this boss.

    Gems, enchants and profession section has no actual content, and describing what the professions do hardly helps a new player who wants to know the optimal ones.

    Starred[*] race is best for each faction. Blood Elves are best for healing priests. Hands Down. Go Belfs!
    I guess you might be joking here? I honestly don't know, but belf is far from the best and a new player will hardly understand that you are joking (if you are, I still don't know).

    Healing strats:
    1. Keep Prayer of Mending on CD, and try to always use it on a tank.
    No, in most situations casting PoH is simply superior to PoM right now.
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    I would like to put in a few words about the duscussion going on above.

    First of all, that he took the time to write a guide is absolutly a very good job.
    That the guide have incorrect information at some points and lack things. Maybe so, but dont degrade the guide. As you can see in earlier posts, I have the impression that he appreciate help and input to the guide which is what you then should do if you disagree or feel it is lacking something.

    He have a very nice base guide here which have a good potential so if you have something negative to say about it, it will be taken more seriously and so much more appreciated if it is done with manners and points where you explain what you feel is wrong and missing. As you can see, he do add and edit information in the guide from other users input to the guide.

    I would like to think that I have done a good job on this guide, but I am not perfect.
    You have done a good job, and no one is perfect! So keep it up!

    ---------- Post added 2013-02-09 at 10:46 AM ----------

    What you might want to add (if you are not already updating it with this):

    Macro section.

    Maybe a few more addon suggestions, you already have power auras. But maybe add in more things if power auras is not what a new disc priest is looking for. Like weak auras, tellmewhen, needtoknow etc. Maybe even add some export to weak auras and power auras Like alot of players are looking for weak auras/power auras export for rapture. If you dont have this export yourself I would be happy to give you mine if you think it is a good idea.
    Maybe add in Ingela's Rapture addon, grid2, which I personally find easier to use than grid as the indicators are easier to set up with grid2. I know you say "Addons I use/recommend", but if I look at what I was looking for when reading through guides when I first went on priest was also different addon suggestions. But note that this is just my personal saying, you might disagree on my suggestion.

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    There's flat out bad advice in this guide like Cookie pointed out. If something's wrong it should be fixed, it doesn't matter how rude the criticism is. Guides with bad information are *worse* than not having a guide at all.

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    Out of curiosity. Does the change to make crit most valuable in 5.2 makes worgen interesting for disc healing versus human or pandaren for alliance?

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    Crits value is actually lower than currently in 5.2 (compared to int), it's just that mastery gets lowered even more. Worgen is already a very viable option to human or pandaren though. Pandaren brings the biggest stat increase, 300 int (assuming that you are using the fancy food, otherwise worse), but not really any other utility+it goes away if you die. Human spirit isn't nearly as strong as it looks, at 10k spirit (a quite typical amount) it's worth 300 spirit=150 int, however they do also have diplomacy and every man for himself, both quite useful racials. Worgen brings 600 crit rating, which is slightly worse than 300 int but way more valuable than 300 spirit, and in addition to that a short sprint which is somewhat useful considering our limited utility (body and soul does lower the value a bit though).

    All in all I'd say that the 3 alliance races are quite evenly balanced, "utility" wise humans>worgens>pandarens, throughput wise pandaren>worgen>humans. For disc the differences are so slim that it hardly matters, just play what you prefer. Worth nothing that humans also can take advantage of the +1% hit if you decide to spec shadow (assuming that you're carrying a mace) which pretty much puts them on top for shadow.

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    As requested by the OP, unstickying this and opening up for someone to write a new one.
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