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    Pre Purchase from Gamestop

    Just a quick question to clear things up. I have pre purchased the game from gamestop, already have the client downloaded, and have been playing in the betas. One the servers go live tonight will all I need to do is log in and I will be good to go, or do I need to go pick up the physical copy from the store?

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    You're good to go!
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    Awesome! Thanks. I didn't want to be scrambling around later at midnight or whenever they decide to flip the switch going " OMGOMGOMG I CAN'T LOGIN!"

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    I believe the boxed copy will have a code you will need to enter by a certain date to authenticate your purchase otherwise they will lock your account. I have the pre-purchase code paid for the game yesterday. However the guy at GS gave it to me before I paid full price. So I would assume they would put in something like this to prevent GS & others for giving out codes like this.

    But you don't need the box for a few days.
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