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    my Necro's WvW/PvE armor update

    Cherish the quiet...before my STORM!!!

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    A more moody photo.

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    My thief wearing mix of Human T3 (chest+shoulder) and Duelist (rest).

    And my low level mesmer got money from thief to get sylvari T1

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    Played around with some pieces:

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    Wish most male cloth didn't suck so much.

    The winged set for males is just awful its sad when they made the womens set so amazing.

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    I hated the female winged set.
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    The winged tunic and gloves for males are awesome though. at least in my opinion. They go great with the sort of look I want to give my Ele.

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    Going for a barbarian look with my Norn Guardian
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    My Ranger finally (funny bug after transmutation ^^):

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trungalung View Post
    Thanks God for make over kit. Now I can actually design my Guardian’s face instead of having the old boring default face (I rushed the character so I can reserve some name).
    Badass! I love the colour!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    My Ranger finally (funny bug after transmutation ^^):

    Is that the default thief hood on a ranger?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    My Ranger finally (funny bug after transmutation ^^):

    I wouldn't say that is funny, but it looks amazing imo.

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    My new char

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    Shit that's badass @.@

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    Looks almost like Skyrim in that picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by carnifex2005 View Post
    Is that the default thief hood on a ranger?
    Yes it is.

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    My latest character - Asuran Thief

    My last 3 characters have been Asura now, think it's the best race!
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    This thread doesn't have enough charr.

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    Here is my badass guardian. Only lvl 25 and looks like a demigod.

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