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    My Norn Thief ;d around lvl 17 now
    Last edited by RazorBlisS; 2012-08-29 at 04:31 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toccs View Post
    Funky colours there Mr Wasp looks cool.
    I'm matching my colours after the weapons, thank you u_u

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    My Ranger. Level 60.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RazorBlisS View Post

    My Norn Thief ;d around lvl 17 now
    nice tits

    Got to 35 sometime around yesterday

    wtb 50 more silver lol, still missing gloves and shoulders
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    This is me! I usually go by Ruie in World of Warcraft and now Guild Wars 2.
    Enjoy... cutest Asura Mesmer in all of the land! ;] (Sorry about huge pictures)

    Here is my Elementalist that I created, but have yet to level.
    Her name is Jirachi!

    I have messed around with a few other characters, but I just can't get any good names.
    I'll come up with some eventually.

    Wow, the graphics look way, way better in game. Heh. /shrug
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    My little Charr ranger. Got her to level 10, then decided I wasn't happy with her being Blood Legion, so I remade her as Ash Legion and have just gotten her back to level 10 again.

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    My Norn Warrior, Osiria!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dodrin View Post

    I freaking LOVE this set of armor.
    what's that set of armor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xuvial View Post
    Meet "Yay", my cute little asura.

    I have to admit, although I dislike asura, they can look nice too.

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    Yay is so cute! I'll have to post a picture of my Asura when I get home.
    Tarnished Coast [CRZY]
    Kumorii - 80 Mesmer
    Chärity - 80 Guardian
    Calinë - 80 Elementalist

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scyth View Post
    What armor is that if I may ask?
    Its just normal items called "Strong helm, shoulders, chestplate, greaves"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetleader View Post

    My Ranger. Level 60.
    Suave as fuck.

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    level 32 ranger

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    I want to play this stupid game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nuneco View Post
    My Norn Warrior, Osiria!!!

    Is that like, super low settings?:P

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    Say hello to Naz Grimclaw of Desolation D:
    Last edited by Rickz; 2012-08-29 at 09:56 PM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcorn1992 View Post
    Is that like, super low settings?:P
    I would say so.

    The textures make it look like she's wearing a combination of dinner plates and bricks -_-

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    Doctor Octopus
    Doctor Octopus : 80 Asura Warrior
    Captain McNuggets : 80 Human Mesmer
    Professor McNuggets : 36 Asura Engineer
    General McNuggets: 11 Sylvari Thief

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trungalung View Post
    I've seen a few other pose like that, how do you do it?
    Last edited by Sfenik; 2012-08-29 at 08:59 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcorn1992 View Post
    I want to play this stupid game
    Why don't/can't you?

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