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    Auric Basic Multi-map Metas

    I am guessing that they will stop the practice soon but multi map metas are taking off in a big way. The price of rares on the TP is crashing because of it. Basically the idea is that you join a squad that has 3+ maps on it. At the end of the event people jump to the other maps and then loot the big chests on them too. Obviously you need to wait for those maps to finish the meta but you get the picture. If anyone needs more of an explanation I can give one. Lobbies, etc.

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    Eh, take a look at T6 mats, if anything AB Maphopping is a bandaid solution to the level of inflation mats got.
    Cod has a new campaign, new weapons, new multiplayer levels every year. Zelda has been recycling the same weapons, villains, and dungeons since the 80's. Zelda recycles enough to make cod blush. The same weapons, villains, dungeons, and princess in every single Zelda for the most part. It's almost as cheesy as bowser vs Mario round 35

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