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    Question Mantra of Pain usage

    Hi, recently trying out a mesmer and I picked up Mantra of Pain because I saw it in a guide and figured I need to git gud with that if I wanna do top deeps.

    However, I've found this spell to be very puzzling. It's a very long cast - upwards of 2 seconds - and it has a 1 second cooldown with 2-3 charges (depending on traits). So what, do I charge this thing every time it's off cooldown? Which would be like every 5 seconds. Then I'm spending 1/3 of the entire time I'm DPSing charging this one mantra. Seems a bit clunky and it doesn't actually seem like it'd do a lot of damage at all.

    How do you use this thing?

    Link to the guide in question: http://metabattle.com/wiki/Build:Mesmer_-_S/S_/F_/P

    Whilst I'm sure I can swap it out for something else without much of a problem, I'm still confused to this spell's actual correct usage as the 'usage' section of the guide doesn't even brush over mantras.

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    It´s a nice burst in PvP but I wouldn´t use it for longer PvE fights. Cast time too long and it kinda sucks if you play with one less support skill.

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