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    My Norn warrior at Deirdre's Hidden Garden jumping puzzle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cenobite7 View Post
    Which one is that? :3

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    My gorgeous ranger =D

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    My Elementalist, finally whole exotic since 1Month. :3

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    Generic shadow armor necromancer. Spent sixty minutes making it at 5am on release day only for it to disconnect me just before I entered my name. Pretty happy with the dyes, though cloth armour looks less shiny and a whole lot better with shaders set to medium.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    Which one is that? :3
    Do you mean which armor? It's Exotic Acolyte armor with Deathly Mantle skin on the shoulders. The dyes are Midnight Teal/Iron/Chalkboard.
    If you meant the staff, it's just a Mystic Staff, though it's since been reskinned to Pact Quarterstaff.
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    Thank you, got it yesterday with black / dark cyan dyes. Very impressive for my necro with the glowing eyes starter headpiece. <3

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    Yay for lvl 35 and Human Cultural Armor (T1). Dyes again Midnight Fire, Cinnamon, Rose Shade. I hope I'm finally getting some variations into armor models, early game was boring in a way, when all the armors shared the 3 different models (Chain, Scale & Ringmail). I wonder why I don't get any more dyes as drops from mobs, last time I played this game they dropped all the time..
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    My thief got new bow, it is lvl80 rare with charr t2 skin (I am still happily using rares, no exotics yet)

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    My Thief again.

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    My Norn Warrior

    This is my main toon, a norn warrior. At the moment I like this color combo on the armor and may pick up Dawn because it matches so well.
    Hope you all enjoy!


    I don't know how to do thumbnails :/
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    Quote Originally Posted by Meledelion View Post
    Plz show me your spreadsheets.
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    Finally hit 80 on my guardian this weekend. I talked myself out of paying 55g for the Tier 3 Norn heavy armor chest and legs... so I'm wearing Tier 2 chest and legs instead while I amass 200g for the title, THEN buy Tier 3 stuff.

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    how can i get this armor Eiserne Drossel?

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    My epic sexy guardian:

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    Thanks God for make over kit. Now I can actually design my Guardian’s face instead of having the old boring default face (I rushed the character so I can reserve some name).
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    The human heavy armor T3 is great, real classy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    The human heavy armor T3 is great, real classy
    If only they could say that about the Light armor. :-/
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    my Necro's WvW/PvE armor update

    Cherish the quiet...before my STORM!!!

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