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    I don't even have trans stones to do that!
    Very cute tho

    I fail horribly at a wintersday look this time. So I'll stick with potions. Or something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Doozerjun View Post
    very nice wintersday outfit, better than the gemstore one even
    Quote Originally Posted by Silverbleed View Post
    I don't even have trans stones to do that!
    Very cute tho .
    Thanks guys!

    I totally look like a candy cane but I love it.

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    @Rivelle: Awwh... That's very cute and definitely goes with the holiday! I really wanted to have a somewhat similar Wintersday-themed outfit for my Necromancer, but I didn't have the heart to use the transmute charges on a low level character whose gear will be replaced within a couple levels.

    I still opted to get the earmuffs (since they ARE highly fashionable, adorable and even warm!) and a white-ish and red coloring. I think it came out rather nicely, although I'm still a bit miffed that the "pants" of the outfit don't allow the use of knee-high boots. Would've loved to have the shoes with pom poms on them. :c

    EDIT: As a Christmas present for myself I finally bought a character slot so I could play all the classes. So... Meet Kixx Kaboom, my little Asura Engineer! I think I seriously fell in love with the design, she turned out nothing like I had originally planned, but I think the result turned out way better than expected!

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