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    Holy shit those look amazing Aveline. I'll give my account info and you go make me pretty outfits for my characters please xD

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    I wish there was a crown similar to Jarvan IV from LoL, but the Draconic helm works well enough I guess. Not sure what else I would change, maybe the gauntlets if I had to switch out something, but I think this looks pretty fucking good tbh haha.

    And unfortunately the cloth piece from the helm has bad clipping with the upper part of the chest piece.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    Fell in love with the magitech shop armor for my thief. It looks perfect with the blue glowing mask and pact weapons. <3

    What armor pieces are those?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nakida View Post
    What armor pieces are those?
    It's the Magitech Medium Armor, as is actually stated above the images. It's a gem store armor. Plus Glint's Gaze Mask which is also obtainable from the store~

    @Razael: Thanks for the kind comments! :3
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