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    Which profession you are playing?

    Hey! I just want to know what you are playing as first character in Guild Wars 2 and why.

    I'm interested myself in Thief but can't try it out yet because I'm having only one day headstart. I like that profession because it's sneaky style which I'm in to.

    I also made poll to seperate site. I would really appreciate if you could vote your profession because it would be so cool to see which professions people like to play as their first one!

    You can find poll from here: www

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    I just can't decide! Played a couple in Beta, but not very far.

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    tried en engineer, didn't work out. currently loving mesmer but can't wait to try something else.
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    Playing as a Sylvari Thief - its pretty different then other Rogue'ish classes from other games. You dont sneak around, but rather use stealth in combat as part of your abilities. I quite like it, particular with the 2nd weapon set with bow for some kiting or just standing at range on certain bosses that does massive melee damage.

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    I have rolled 5 characters. I think I'm finally almost happy with the race/prof combos I've chosen. I've yet to decide what to actually _play_. I'm praying it is one of those 5.

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    Warrior Ftw, they are very versatile and durable and just all round good fun

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    My current main to be is a necro, I will play all of them eventually.

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    Played an Elementalist until level 12...then switched to Warrior which I fully love atm!!thief, guardian and mesmer are already created and await on level 1 :P
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    mesmer! I was about to quit as I felt too weak and squishy... then I changed to a sceptor and a torch... and wow... I feel like a God ahaha

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    At first I couldn't pick a class but I have settled on the Engineer.

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    Playing a Thief. It felt a bit meh early on but then I started using sword + pistol / shortbow combo and loving it, up to level 16 now. Sword + Pistol is so amazing for melee with Black Powder. I also love Pistol Whip for interrupting and doing very good dmg.

    It feels very tactical to play a thief, I played a warrior during some of the recent stress tests and while it felt very powerful it felt like you just had to rush in and go HULK SMASH. With Thief you really gotta make use of the blinds, stuns, stealth, etc. Tho I am not putting warriors down I only played them till about level 14.

    Oh and as for underwater, Thief melee underwater is also very fun due to the evade skill and the block + counter skill.
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    Currently trying necro, thief, warrior, guardian, and will probably toy around with a mesmer.

    I can't decide yet. I thought, per the last BWE, that I'd stick with necro, but I'm not sure now. I think it will be a while before I make up my mind.
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    Playing an Engineer, one of the few it seems. Since launch i've seen like 3-4 engineers except me. I was going to be a Ranger at first because i always play hunter/ranger classes but Engineer was more fun.
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    i cant decide, at the moment my "main" is a elemtalist, but i really like theif and mesmer aswell, i just keep changing, probably why my highest level is 9 :<
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    Tried a few of the classes and ended up going with Nord Ranger. Love it so far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buxton McGraff View Post
    Tried a few of the classes and ended up going with Nord Ranger. Love it so far.
    i really like Ranger aswell, which is expected as my favorite class is every game is usually a hunter/ranger/marksman etc.
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    Still torn between thief and necro. Although the mesmer seems interesting as well.

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    Do you think that there is currently most and least played professions? Or do you think that they all are balanced right now?

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    I´m playing a Guardian I´m having so much fun with him that I can´t create another profession yet haha

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