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    PvP RET Pally Help with rotation/addons/gear/macros

    Heyy im new to ret pally, and WoW pvp in general i specd last time as holy till 90 and then quit after a month of bgs and arena so im still really new. I want to go Ret now im just really confused on how the rotation goes down, what addons i will need and etc since ive never played ret before and i dont want to try and figure it out myself to be honest i feel like ill waste alot of time that way. If anyone could help me out please-.-
    Than kkkks

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    I wouldn't PvP right now in Rets current state. You'd be feeding wins for opposing teams. But if you insist to try, here's some addons I recommend.

    Clcret - If you aren't comfortable with your rotation yet.
    Weakauras - to track Inquisition and what not.
    BattlegroundTargets - for Battlegrounds and RBGs. Good luck getting into a RBG.
    Bindpad - for keybinds and macros
    GladiusEx - For Arena
    KAHolyPower - Cause the default Holy Power bar is stupid.
    OmniCC - To see numbers for ability cool downs.
    Quartz - For a better cast bar.

    As for macros, use as much mouse over macros as possible. It helps to maintain maximum dps while providing utility. For example.

    /cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][@player] Flash of Light
    Just change Flash of Light to whatever ability you want to use. Things like Hand of Freedom or Word of Glory. The more of these you have the better. But I will repeat, Ret PvP is a free kill to anyone you go up against. Our healing and damage is nowhere near where it should be in PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dukenukemx View Post
    Cause the default Holy Power bar is stupid.
    What makes you think this? I used default HP tracker
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    Ret isnt in great shape atm. Every other class fares better in most aspects of the game. If you achieve great things its only because you're carried.

    Fingers crossed for the esp pack then fix ret ( we've all been saying this for every xpac however

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