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    Paladins! Share your name origins

    I am Anaxie. I used to be known by another name when I was a horrid Draenei Male before sex change was enabled within the game.

    My name was Anaxes the name came from

    Share your story

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    Treatise is my paladin.

    I chose the name because I am an English teacher, so forms of literature interest me, and I try to name my characters with literary/grammatical (or cinematic) meaning. Following that, treatises always seem to be aimed at declaring intent and/or establishing diplomacy, and I thought that was a good base for a paladin.

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    My Tauren Paladin is Torahn. A play on words. Quite fitting actually.
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    Human Pally by the name of Justicejones

    used to have a Tauren prot pally called Unstopbubull, triple-threat pun that i found hilarious
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    My paladin is a male dorf named Artty. My real name (Arttu) was already taken, so it became Artty instead.
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    Name of my human Paladin is Thorenor. I wanted Löwenherz, but it was already taken so I had to think about something new. And somehow "Thorenor" came into my mind. Some kind of mix between the hammer-wielding God and a name that would fit into Lord of the Rings Since then Knights, Paladins or heavy melee in other games are "Thorenor" as well.

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    I am Lunethzero, but later was able to change my name to Lune. People never really said my full name anyways and that's where I got the idea to just make it official. The name originated from Final Fantasy 3, which at the time was the best one I had played. I was not able to use the name Luneth as apparently it was a popular name to almost every server which for some reason all were lvl 1 to 10s. Years later I had noticed that apparently there is an NPC with my name in Northrend that goes by the name of Illusia Lune in wintergarde keep. It was definitely a funny coincidence but to be fair my name was there before Wrath so yeah lol

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    My paladin's name is: Primobolan. Which is an steroid, I found that name quite cool when i read it

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    Rhombus, Paladin from Fallout 1

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    My Blood Elf male Paladin is called Wanderlust. He's named after my favorite Nightwish song.
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    dinalap, it was meant to be paladin backwards, but i did it wrong but still thought it sounded cool
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    I have two Paladins, first is Andruh my Alliance Human Paladin. It felt both fantasy-y and proper for a Human. Now my Blood Elf she is named Fheona. I named her that when I was going through a Burn Notice phase lol.
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    Standing in the Fire, as always.
    Tasgall, a Solamnic Knight from the Dragonlance series!

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    Cloud, after a famous blond spiky hair guy from the fantasy that ends 7 times.

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    Human: Winnbane - I don't remember where it came from. I thought it sounded cool, I guess. <---current paladin.

    Dwarf: Ironcider - Same character just race changed version. Now a Pandaren Shaman by this name.

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    Brofist, dunno why but it just popped up into my head after i'd server changed ( my name was taken Q_Q).
    I've got a reputation on my server for ridiculous names though, i've got a DK whose name is Bouillabaisse, which is an asteroid the french named, turns out it also means fish soup.
    Why did the french decide to name an asteroid after Fish Soup?

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    Penitent ... for the time honoured trope of disgraced knights who forswear title, land and glory to atone for past misdeeds.

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    The name's Astanar. Based on that Elven village in Ashenvale.

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    My belf pally's name is Wyrden, name taken from a green (?) dragon from the eragon books.
    My other pally is called Firnien, but i don't remember why.

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    My Paladin's name is Kyuusaisha, which is Japanese for Savior, which is pretty apt for a Holy Paladin ^^.

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