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    what comics are you reading?

    Title says it all massive comic fan of every type from the forever evil story line they are doing now to imagine agents and hulk, what is every one else reading?

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    I was reading Saga a while back, kinda forgot about the comic scene, any good titles lately?

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    Did you know My Little Pony made comic books? I sure didn't!

    Some guy made them into motion comics, so here's a preview.

    I really like them. A similar tone to the show, but occasionally willing to go a little darker, and give more love to the less appreciated side characters.

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    Actually I'm reading Naruto, but i have to reread Claymore, cos It was pretty cool, but i have stopped for week and forgot what it was about, so i have to read entire story again!

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    Just stumbled upon darklegacycomics and found it really funny!

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    I am considering starting the walking dead series but I don't want it to ruin the show lol

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    The Walking Dead and I've just started reading Powers.

    After that I might go back and re start Y: The Last Man (I'd only read the first few parts, but really enjoyed it).

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    I'm listening to the original Mask comic- does that count?

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    Grab the first two Walking Dead compendiums.

    The comics are actually of a much higher quality than the show and more consistent.

    As someone who read the comics first, the way the story diverges actually made me enjoy the show more. It might worth both ways.

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    I've really been into the Transformers ongoings lately, as well as all the Lantern titles from DC, and all the X-Titles from Marvel.
    Anything else from DC/Marvel I take on an 'as i find it' basis.

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    One Piece, One-Punch Man

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    Original Sin and Deadpool.

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    Deadpool / Berserk / Attack on Titan

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    uh is manga considered comics? Tokyo Ghoul then :P love it so much

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    I don't read any comics. Any recommends?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen000 View Post
    I don't read any comics. Any recommends?
    Depends, what are you looking for? Something serious, something fun, a specific topic?

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    I don't read comics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Owen000 View Post
    I don't read any comics. Any recommends?
    Pride of Baghdad!!!
    Blacksad is also really good, Saga, Rat Queens, the Invader Zim comics are actually pretty damn funny if ya want something to giggle at

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    IDW transformers..........MTMTE aka more than meet the eye......
    I really don't get what's going on in the story line day by day

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