What are you painting these days?

As an enclave of fairly nerdy folks it's safe to assume that there are some board game enthusiasts among us, and I'm hoping to give us a spot to support and cheer each other on. From custom Catan tiles to Arkham Horror monsters, to the big guns like Age of Sigmar and WH40K - let's share!

This thread is dedicated to showing off your painted stuff, whether its a WIP or ready for submission to Golden Demon. Art is subjective and people pour a lot of their passion into projects like this, so keep that in mind - it takes some balls to put yourself out there!

A note on image sizing: you can add in a 'L' or 'M' to your image link right before the file extension to easily drop an image to a reasonable size!

Since it would hardly be fair to ask you guys to post stuff while I hide behind my keyboard, here's a couple of my latest pieces that I'm working up for my copy of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower, which is, incidentally, a buttload of fun.

Lord of Plagues

Darkoath Chieftain

Weirdnob Shaman