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    Hi Guys,
    I recently started a Youtube channel to promote music, with artist's consent ofc, and showcase my own music taste aswell. If you like the electronic genre, may that be Progressive/trance, Dubstep, DnB, Chill, or anything in between, please chk it out and subscribe to it, would mean a lot.

    Thanks for subbing in advance if you do, or just checking out the songs. I post a track everyday, sometimes 2 a day.

    and Thx Majad for pointing me here.

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    Sup, would appreciate if you'd listen to my synthpop/electronica-remix of Strange Talk's "Cast Away". I did the remix for a remix competition.

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    Some talented people on the forums i can see...hear! Here's my first 'album' based on some video game music I produced a short while back. I basically compiled it into an album from 190 minutes worth of music. Took a bit of time to figure out which songs to include in a musical cohesive thread. The goal was for the music to take the listener on a journey as I feel cinematic high-fantasy music should. Feedback is welcome! here's the link to listen to the cues.


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    hello everyone, back with some new mixed tunes!! purple disco meets kolombo
    house(some deep house) have a listen and judge for yourselves.

    dont forget to check out my old ones aswell

    would appreciate some feedback. cheers
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    I would be grateful if you’d listen to my humble productions. This one is my newest arrangement, a stylish genre-mix of synth wave, piano-driven soul and instrumental hip hop. Thank you.

    The track is called Don’t You Know Me By Now? and is made under my moniker Farewell, Fantasy.

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    hi all, just wanted to post a new set of mine
    think of upbeat house tunes
    great for a party.

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    new mix online: deep house

    hope you like it

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