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    I just reforged back some spirit, sitting on 2800 something now.
    Sometimes it feels like mana is too thight, but thats with solace use.

    For spine i put on my Holy gear set (more spirit) and it clearly helped a bit that i had 500 spirit more.
    Still using Solace, spine atm is a joke every one is OP and Tendons gets oneshotted per lift now (without hero)..
    Only used Hymn of Hope on that fight to give everyone a bit of mana.

    Totally forgot about my fiend and just some HF > Smite till 5 stacks than all out on Solace on the tendons.
    No mana issue's with 3300 spirit.

    Madness feels different, its the fight where im going to use mindbender from now on and prolly keep it that way for the rest of DS and just keep my Disc set on. Mana is fine once u get a suitable spirit lvl, just have to get used to the fact that i can use Fiend more (i keep saving it due to thinking about the old CD on it). With mindbender i can just use it on CD now seems good.

    I use Power Infusion as well or the 2 set is useless.

    If u heal with a shaman, ask if the shaman can call out if he's going to use Mana Tide, the amount of mana u get back from Rapture is pretty awesome in combination with mana tide.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ramennoodleking View Post
    Here's a tip...get two piece t12 (preferably heroic.) it's 2k mana per tick with 100% uptime.
    best tip on the thread, but no one seemed to notice...

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    I just used my holy set for disc, put in a few spirit gems, and the mana issues are not nearly as bad. So I'm at 3400 spirit and have spirit trinket on top of that.

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