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    why warlock?

    i have all classes except warlock and druid at 90. i'm casual and only play dk (pve) and hunter (pvp and pve) some. the others just stands there.

    i have always favoured melee over casters, i simply don't find it as fun to cast. hunter is some what different, it is ranged but more fast paced i think, much because you can move at the same time. i also dont like multi dotting. dont ask me why.

    when reading different wow forums locks are always mentioned as the most fun class to play, this makes me curios. have done some reading and thinking of start one just to have something to do before wod. but some questions.

    what is it that makes warlock more fun than other casters to you?

    what is the play style difference between the three specs?
    affli - dots?
    demo - pets?
    destro - ?

    i guess i should not play affli? is there any one that is more 'fast paced' and not so much stand still and cast?

    which is easiset for leveling?

    thanks in advance

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    Warlocks are demonic Mages that summons demons and Fel energies.

    The difference between the three specs is that Affliction is largely a DoT/Siphon based spec that utilizes that uptime on DoTS to do damage.

    Destruction is more a nuke/mage style spec that you generate embers and use them on Chaos Bolts for huge nuke damage (1 million + dmg)

    Demonology is a transforming spec that transforms you into a Demon yourself and you utilize demonic energies to deal damage, and you have stronger pets I believe.

    As far as leveling, Aff is the worst, Demo or Destro are much better.

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    If you're looking to level a Warlock then either spec Destruction to 'burn' (hee hee) your way through levelling or Demonology as it's a fun and interesting spec to play. Affliction is a pain to level unless you explicitly want to get the rotation and movements engrained into your play style and even then switch to that spec at 30 when you have a handful of abilities to use. Also if you're movement whilst casting to be a benefit of your spec then Demo is able to cast whilst moving when it activates metamorphosis and shadow bolts speed up in casting times as you level and Destro gets conflagration which is an instant high damage cast with 2 charges that can be used whilst moving and at later levels speeds up the cast of incinerate.

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    thanks for your answers.

    it looks like it is demo i should try out , if i choose to roll one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roostah View Post
    thanks for your answers.

    it looks like it is demo i should try out , if i choose to roll one.
    Yes demo is probably the spec you'll enjoy the most in leveling and in max level play, since you said you play casually you don't need to worry about the 'best dps' spec. I find affliction to be fun to play too on occasion, I think the reason a lot of people dislike affliction is cause they play it so much, but since I don't have the luxury of having a black blood yet I haven't been able to switch :P So I enjoy the occasional affliction play, but demonology is my favorite, but don't expect fast paced play if you don't plan to raid with it unfortunately.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roostah View Post
    thanks for your answers.

    it looks like it is demo i should try out , if i choose to roll one.
    Demo is a lot of fun to level with. I'm leveling my second lock at the moment as demo. Only awkward thing is casting Shadow Bolt in meta before you unlock Touch of Chaos :P. It's an awesome spec if you're just looking to have fun.

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    "Why Warlock?"

    Simple. For the power!!

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    Destro is the only spec in the game with no procs or short cooldowns as part of it's rotation. You can argue that conflag is a cooldown, but it stacks to 2 so you don't need to use it instantly (like you would with, say, Chimera Shot).

    It's the only damage spec in the game where you decide what to cast, rather than having your rotation decide for you. No other spec in the game is as freeform as destruction is, and that makes it fun.

    Warlocks can also take damage pretty well, and have the best escape in the game when used properly (demonic circle), making BGs a joy to play. Being a tanky, ranged class, you aren't reliant on healers. I die maybe once every 4 to 5 battlegrounds on my lock. Demonic circle is just amazing.

    Overall, locks are flexible, and that's why I enjoy playing them.

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    Green fire is why I made mine (I have a thing for green) but it quickly became my absolute favorite class. They're powerful and great fun. Playing it kind of makes you feel like you have the world on a string and have the job of burning it.
    Lock rocks, made to order.

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    I play my Warlock for lore reasons, they are generally far more powerful than Mages, the disciplined Warlocks are at least.
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    I made mine as a re-roll once I lost my original account to hackers. I found myself drawn to them in a lore sense and because of affliction which I found to be a lot of fun. Particularly when it was quite dot heavy. Now days I still enjoy it but I feel it has gotten too simplistic and needs "moar dots".

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    Why? Because is the best class for pve

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