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    6.0 Incarnation vs SOTF [Resto]

    so, whats the best 6.0 4th talent for resto druid? Incarnation or SOTF?

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    I would say SotF right now. Come WoD, mana is going to start being an issue so we won't be able to use SotF/WG on every cooldown. But as it is currently, mana is a nonissue, so continuing to cast SotF/WG on CD is completely doable, and very much worth taking the talent.

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    Have a follow up question. Why is it necessarry to pick SotF if you pick Rampant Growth. Would SotF + Germination not be viable? I get that Swiftmend doesn't have a CD with Rampant but you still gotta wait for your WG CD before getting the full use of SoTF.

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    I think it's a burst vs steady heals question. Wild Growth is still awesome, +100% Wild Growth even better, but +73% on Rejuv and 120% armor is not really shabby either. It's encounter specific.

    Germination + SotF - depends on encounter and mana situation.
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    I'll give an argument for Incarnation, and that's the damage profile of Siege of Orgrimmar. Lots of burst, often just 1 burst phase per fight, with very little, almost 100% absorbed (due to overpowered mastery scaling/disc priests) damage the entire rest of the fight.

    For Highmaul, I'd say you can consider RG/SotF (mana permitting), but while it's tempting (since you have unlimited mana) in Siege, I've personally thought Incarnation is a better bet. Examples, on Malkorok, you can combine it with Tranquility or use it at the start or after Blood Rage (if you still get the end of a Blood Rage). On Sha of Pride, you can use it during Unleashed Phase, since your throughput the entire rest of the fight (before 30%) is completely 100% irrelevant.

    Especially consider that some fights are now so short that you can cover a huge percent of the entire duration with it now.

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    Atm you should play the talents you get the most fun from. Is it doing the most healing? Get Incarnation, the fights are so quick that the 30 sec Inc will outpreform SoTF on almost any fight. Do you like to chill in raid and just get through without too much hassle? Get SotF, less buttons to click and free healing.

    For WoD stuff gets mor complicated, rampant regorwth works well with Sotf but is, as Nightfalls stated above, very mana draining. From testing all the bosses on both difficulties I noticed that Incarnation had the upper hand most of the time. Why? Because we lost many, MANY raid CD's...A extra output CD during heavy moments seem to be the better choise as it saves mana for you (lifebloom) and the other healers (they have to heal less). This will ofc change with gear, and with that we have to wait and see.

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