Thread: What trinket?

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    What trinket?

    So I just got the Mythic - Shard of Nothing from my highmaul follower mission.
    Which I put in the slot where I had Coagulated Genesaur Blood trinket from HC (just normal 630 one)

    Now my question to you guys is, now that multistrike is pretty solid for elemental. Should I keep my Coagulated HC trinket on and my Shard of Nothing, or should I roll with my current build, where I have Shard of Nothing and Grandoise Power (follower mission trinket). The Grandoise has 183 intellect and 183 crit + a pristmatic slot.

    So vs

    What's the best option?

    any help is greatly appreciated

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    I'm going to roll with the oh so popular answer that is the only one that will give you a 100% accurate answer - sim yourself and compare =)

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    Don't even need to sim yourself... the crit trinket gives you double the intellect + a slot with a 50 multistrike gem...its obviously better.

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