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    Rune ofRe-Origination/trinket question

    Hello all.

    I have recently returned to WoW and my enh shaman. Now I have just obtained the RoRo trinket on LFR and seem to remember it being total garbage from what others have been saying, even the heroic upgraded version (mine is the 502 version obviously).

    Now I have got both bad juju, LFR Bottle of Infinite Stars, the 522 shado-pan trinket (fully upgraded) and Terror in the Mists. I currently use the JuJu and the Mists (all of these are un-upgraded) and am wondering which would be better 'in general'. I have plugged it into Ask Mr Robot but just wanting confirmation before I just toss the trinket away or stash it away for potentially leveling uses.

    Here is my armoury, however it may not update and have me still in ele gear/spec (yes I know gear is terrible, not found MoP as much fun due to friends quitting and work making me take breaks etc)


    I also still have LFR to do this week for SoO so may get lucky with trinkets and make this a moot point, but until then

    Thanks in advance.

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    Your best trinkets will be Bad Juju and the Shado-Pan trinket. Rune just doesn't work for enhance because the secondary stats are synergistic and require eachother in order to perform at their highest.

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    Cheers, I suspected as much

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