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    Now up to 242 on armory and 188 on my main. Finally got Attumen's horse, the Reins of the Fiery Warhorse after weeks of farming it on 10 different characters! And the blue bug popped up in the same week from Tol'vir archaeology! Lucky me, now for that stupid, filthy turtle...
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    91 Damn! Got some work to do.

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    222 on armory
    166 on my main

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    245 on account and I believe 176 on character.

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    215 armory, 165 in game.

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    Hit 170 today after getting the tigers and onyx serpent from the Shado Pan
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    206 on main and don't have any horde mounts at all yet until I can be bothered to make one, Guildox now has added a faction specific mount total as well as the whole account total which is nice.

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    Armory says 184, but that seems to somehow mix Ally and Horde. My Horde chars have 156 on average...
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    ... there are lots of different types of players, with different amounts of time to play, and different tastes for the content and difficulty and time commitment they want to give to any of those pieces of content. The person that plays for an hour or so a few times a week is playing the same game as the person that plays five hours every night.....

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    230 on armory
    182 on my main, human warr

    Still missing a few easy ones here and there (Yaks as an example, didn't bother spending gold on them yet) and still missing 3-4 raiding meta ones
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    274 Armory
    206 in game

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    On my main I have 184. Proud to say I got both the Geosynchrous World Spinner and the Depleted Kyparium Rocket!

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    I only have 105 : /

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    68 account wide(not counting class mounts)

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    On my shaman i got 192
    If i should count pala, dk, warlock, tailoring and engineering mounts i have 204

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    i dont have any mop mounts besides the cloud serpents/glory 5man as i think all mop mounts arent worth it as they are VERY ugly even the cloud serpents

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    217 on armory, 196 on my main. WTB 200 acheev, and not another kite please.
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    178 on armory, 155 on main (before seeign this i thought i was doing rather well )

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    Armory: 253
    Main: 178 (DK/warlock +2 | Paladin +3)

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    213 on Main, 241 on Armory.

    Had 167 on the final day of Cata. All bought through vendors (no BMA) except for my Al'ar, Dungeon Meta, and Challenge Meta.

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