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    Quote Originally Posted by Torque21 View Post
    I still don't even have 100. I have about 90 I think. As a druid, all I need are my Raven Lord and flight form.

    Edit: The armory says I have 103 and the achievement progress says I have 92.
    The armory counts mounts of both factions while the achievement only recognizes one faction (ie if your toon is horde, it won't factor in the ally mounts to the achievement and vice versa)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Detheavn View Post
    A total of 221 mounts and not even really trying :|
    Clearly you were looking on armory. Ingame is the only counter that matters.

    I'm on 201 INGAME.

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    About 138. Still gotta get my talbuks and netherrays.

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    I have 283, 209 are on horde side. I'm still missing a few honor and profession mounts. Of course, there are always that 1% mount drop to farm.

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    317, soon #2 in World

    Come at me Bro's

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    side question is there an achievement beyond 150?

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    175. next patch my goal is to hit the magic 200 mounts :3 (this is all on a single char not armory mounts)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    317, soon #2 in World

    Come at me Bro's
    I don't say this often, but you sir need to leave the house more.

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    146/150 - just 4 mounts away from that kite! Its rather frustrating :/

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shmiles View Post
    I don't say this often, but you sir need to leave the house more.
    Nothing is impossible when you involve credit card. Quite impressive collection nontheless(and luck).

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    I currently have 103. That is ok with me.
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    217 ingame. My DK sort-of cheated as it has two pandaren phoenixes (one from the day they were bugged, one from actually completing CM gold on that toon)

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    229 on my main; Waiting on 230 in the mail right now.

    Recent faction change bumped me up to 307 account wide.
    Starting in Cataclysm has really put a gimp on my collection due to "hey guys lets remove ALL the mounts" - It's kind of annoying.

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    Armory shows 227, but i got 198 on my main.

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    298 account wide, in each toon got close to 218 to 221 mounts on various lvl 90 characters.

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    I have 140 on my main. Aiming for the 150 mount achievement, and doing rare mount runs occassionally.

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    109 trying to finish 10 and 25 man Uld for the drakes. So how with all my alts I still have no proto-drakes. Need last 2 bosses in 10 and disarmed in 25. Anyone want to group :P

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    209 unique and 288 (i think) in armory! still missing some vendor ones as i reckon they will stay there and should focus on buying more rare ones.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nelle View Post
    317, soon #2 in World

    Come at me Bro's
    Interesting that you don't have the Feldrake, the only TCG mount that hasn't been duped. Not got the Touring Rocket either which is no longer attainable and no luck on that Big Love Rocket either.

    The mounts I'm missing are the Tournament ones and the Firelands / DS metas. Once, or when I can bothered, I have those I'll have more then you :P

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    I got 102 and I'm currently farming for 150.

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