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    120 but that includes Warlock and Paladin class mounts and the Tailoring flying carpets.

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    I know got around 134 mounts, thanks to my alt

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    160 on my warr, 165 on my paladin and lock. I dont have that many on the alts in the alliance, I guess u need to faction change to get the accurate total amount. I hope bliz fix this.

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    alliance 118

    still got so many crappy mounts left to buy, but i'm to lazy to do daylies in icecrown and i don't see the point in spending 1-5k gold on a mount that i never will use.
    for flying i got ragghc,purplefl,alar and purple alar and for ground i would never give away my raptor,classic zg (alliance)

    tundra mount is a bug or intended, from the gm that answerd it sounded like intended sadly.

    the only 2 mounts that i realy would like are mirons head and invincible, i don't realy see the point in having 200 pownys and 50 striders that i will never use.

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    Quote Originally Posted by amakusa007 View Post
    160 on my warr, 165 on my paladin and lock. I dont have that many on the alts in the alliance, I guess u need to faction change to get the accurate total amount. I hope bliz fix this.
    and 1 more now on all toons since I just got the archaeology mount from tolvir.

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    Never really thought about it until the patch when I found out I had 81 from all my chars put together. Kind of motivates me to go and find 19 more somewhere...

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    102 pre patch, 112 now.. (finally got that darn Kodo that refused to drop for my main xD)
    Only 52 on my horde char tho.. o.0

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    I got 111 after the patch,my pala/lock got 113
    I am still missing tundra mammoth,TB steed,half of AT mounts,glineas ones,and many many more but i cba to farm them especially if 150 mount reward is some shitty dragonhawk again.

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    pre patch was 116 on my main. Now its at 138.

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    *logs in to check*


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    131, patch just added chargers / dreadsteeds

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    137 pre patch
    147 post patch prolly boost that if i cba with the argent tourney mounts that cost 100 tokens each and got lucky with a few other mounts

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    100 even =D

    Yay for the Red Dragonhawk mount!
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    174 pre patch 179 post patch
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    Quote Originally Posted by Narbootz View Post
    Before this patch I had estimated my number to be around 135-140 (never officially sat down and counted). After the patch it says I have 152 mounts. So the question is did you find out you had more mounts than you thought? If so how many are you at now?
    Only 55 here, though I had around 15 though pre patch :P

    Still haven't logged all the alts on though :O

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    136 on Alliance.
    Could be more but can't be bothered so shortly before MoP :P

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    The exact same amount as pre-patch; 160.

    I should try and get a few more but seeing as I don't see myself replacing the ground/flying mounts I already have my motivation to farm for more has been going downhill as of late.
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