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    221. But all I can think of is the 97 I'm missing!
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    Look Batman really isn't an accurate source by any means
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    It is a fact, not just something I made up.

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    251 according to armory.

    Just snagged a Spectral Tiger for 250k .

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    Been playing since classic... And I only have 53.. lol sad sad sad day

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    70 - Just starting now just to get more mounts.
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    179 according to armory. I have loads of easy ones to collect/buy like the 3 small yaks.

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    212 mounts in game. I got most of the rare mounts. The mounts I'm farming are quite hard to obtain, unfortunatelly (invincible, mimiron, experiment-12b, big love rocket, sha of anger, galleon and elegon mounts)
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    I have 128 mounts currently. Got to start working on getting more to get that kite.

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    217 in game and I love, just love how there is no achievement beyond 150 which I easily reached the last expansion

    Anything I can farm regularly with 1-2 people I do: Onyxia, ZG Panther (hit 300 kills and no mount this week), Al'akir, Alysrazor,

    Almost every week I do Ulduar/ICC under the crazy idea that
    1) mount will drop
    2) I win the roll out of 10-15 people
    3) I can buy the mount for the small amount of gold I currently have

    I may stop doing Ulduar/ICC as I may go nuts when it finally drops and I don't win.. I'm usually top dps by a mile, and the only person that's been there more then 5 times
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    Currently, 195 armory, but my horde main has 131 in game. Currently farming the rest for the 150 achievement. Got extremely lucky on Saturday, got the Stonecore mount, and Vortex Pinnacle mount within 30 minutes of each other (after only just starting to farm them).

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    243 in armory. 174 in game.

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    204 ingame

    0 TCG

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    34 - If I get one while through rep grind then or some achievement then OK but I won't go out of my way really for a mount. I am not really interested with getting mounts or pets honestly. The only mount I really farmed for was The Raven Lord.
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    Somewhere over 150 in game on my main, 195 on the armory. I recently did Netherwing to get to 150 on my main, but I have a bunch of "easy" ones that I still could get. Like Ulduar meta achie mount and Argent Tournament mounts (only have 2 of those I think).

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    Armory 213. In-game 143

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    327 mounts

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    Quote Originally Posted by IdTheDemon View Post
    251 according to armory.

    Just snagged a Spectral Tiger for 250k .
    Nice. Only Spectral Tigers on my server are going for 700k+

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    3 come at me:P.

    Am trying to save up for the reforge mount though.
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    184 or 185 as of patch 5.1. I REALLY wish that they would have made the next mount achievement 200 instead of 150, a little off topic i know but i just had to say it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    Nice. Only Spectral Tigers on my server are going for 700k+
    That sucks, i snagged my epic spectral for around 400-450k? Something like that. It WAS one of my favorite land mounts until i pretty much used it too much.

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