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    Dat Lakeshire art.

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    Ok so some vanity mount gets hotfixed but class balance stays retarded?
    Like really REALLY you might want to check into hpaladins and priests at lower levels -> they kill you in 2 instants / 1 penance while healing themselfs to full hp with one spell.
    Tried doing dungeons , I couldn't do shit as our disc healer was killing the mobs so fast the rest of us hardly got a hit in. The tank/ dps was not needed atall we just went along with the boost. But atleast I finally got into beta ! In a way I guess.

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    That Lakeshire fanart blew my mind!

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    Very unlikely they will be removing this from players that got it this way. Grats all you guys that got this from normal 100% drop rate!

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    This arts are fantastic!

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