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    Since people love to necro stuff apperently i will just Shamelessly steal this from the Monk Guide from

    How to pronounce Xuen
    In the Pinyin transliteration of Mandarin Chinese, the 'x' is used to represent a variation of the 'sh' sound like in 'sheep', but with the tongue positioned behind the lower teeth. The u is pronounced like the 'oo' in 'room', and 'en' is pronounced like the 'an' in 'fan'. source
    Here is the Source: www .pronouncenames. com/pronounce/xuan

    Sérah Al'akir Running along here ! and since i have almost no post count ofc i cant link links !

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    If you go to wowpedia, in the trivia section I've included the actual Chinese names and pinyin pronounciations (from the Taiwanese version) for many of the race, location, and creature names.

    That's a list of various Chinese terms used in MoP. Those are the official translations as they appear in the Taiwanese version (the Chinese version has some differences, but CN localization is handled by a third party).

    Huojin, Tushui, Yu'lon, Xuen, Chi-Ji, Niuzao, hozu (hozen), jinyu, mogu, Mogu'shan, Lei Shen, Townlong, Sha.

    Click the listen button to hear the proper pronunciation (Chinese speech-to-text is accurate since the language is phonetic).

    Note however that many of the NPCs and locations in the game aren't actual Chinese, are simply random Chinese names, or don't have any specific meanings and were chosen for the way they look or sound.

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    It's "Shuen"

    im asian thats all you need to know

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    whatever , still gonna call it Ksuen ^^

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    Dang, been pronouncing it 'Zoo-En'.

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    me and my guild call him ksuwen

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    Zoo-n not sure how to phonetics it.

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    I don't say it, simply.

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    X = Sh sound in translation from most Asian areas so Shu-en would be how you enunciation it.
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