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    Mafia 89 Signup - Power Struggles

    New players are always welcome. If you are interested in Mafia and are not sure what to do then look into this thread to ask questions and get help http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...cussion-thread

    General Rules

    This is a fairly basic game with a couple twists. Days will last around 48 hours and nights around 24 hours.


    During the day phase, each player can place their vote on any player of choice. To do so, simply put the following in bold on a separate line:

    vote: Kryllian

    You can change your vote as many times you want, and you can remove your vote using


    Unvoting is required or I will not count you changing your vote!

    You can also vote for a no-lynch. This works like this.

    vote: no-lynch

    If "no-lynch" is the winning option, then no player will be lynched that day phase.


    The moment any player (or "no-lynch") reaches the lynch threshold (half the players rounded down, plus one), the day ends. No more votes are counted. After that, "dusk" begins, during which you are allowed to talk as much as you want but votes are meaningless. Items used and posts made during this time will count toward the final day net posts per person. Dusk lasts until the gameday is formally ended by a moderator, at which point it is night.

    Signed up Players
    1. A-sayo
    2. Blood Fox
    3. Crissi
    4. Cruelle
    5. Danner
    6. Dupti
    7. Graeham
    8. Largehorn
    9. Listo95
    10. Marack
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    Also I promise to be different this game and not lynch celtic on day 1 if he signs up. I mean, I may do that. But not necessarily.
    Non-discipline since 2006. Also: fails.
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    signing up!

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    Sign me up, please!

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    Pick me!!! I wanna go!!!
    Listo throws the Blue Shell and it zooms off and targets the person who is currently in the lead (after post alterations for items already used).......It speeds ahead before boomeranging around and hitting....Listo! Listo has lost 10 posts this game day!

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    Signing up for this.
    Also was told by a stranger to lynch someone with a blond hair, not sure what was up with that person.
    If you have to attack a person instead of what they're saying, then you've already lost the argument.

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    *Looks at my own avatar*
    What did I just do...
    Non-discipline since 2006. Also: fails.
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    Ill sign up
    Quote Originally Posted by Virothe View Post
    Cruelle - If she doesn't scare you, No evil thing will
    Quote Originally Posted by Largehorn View Post
    Let's "kpop"!
    Oh god I just said that.... fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

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    Game will start in about 24 hours.

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    is there still room for this old loser?

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    Of course. there's always room for more. Where've you been hiding BF?

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    Me guess you can add me if possible also.

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    Role cards are out and game thread is up. Let me know if you didn't receive a role or have questions!


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