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    best healing class in mop?

    i havent played the beta and im currently on hiatus from wow but i wanted to know what your guys opinion is the best healing class in mop. i play disc priest but a lot of people have bad things to say about that...

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    It will be hard to tell till the expansion comes out. Right now people seem to have forgotten that the live patch is balanced for MoP and not Cata. So I don't think you will actually get a decent answer till everyone has the game on live.

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    i just dont want to start playing again and my favorite character to be pretty much useless haha. if anything ill just play my lock if disc is scrub... at least locks new armor looks cool lol.

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    The problem I see with disc is that mana is tighter than other classes, so you can't overheal like any good hpally, druids does (keep getting small healing numbers during all the fight). You can't go crazy any time during the fight (you get big numbers when you turn spirit shell) that means that you just can't get the numbers that other healers do, this create the idea that the class is underperforming.

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    Disc isn't very good atm.
    I really do understand all of this "lol balanced for 90", but then I ask you, if it were your class that'd been a bit gutted, would you really still be saying that, or would you be somewhat worried?

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    According to what i've heard from beta players and forum hunting it goes

    Pally->heard it's way op
    Druid/Monk are supposed to be very good
    Holy Priest
    Disc Priest

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    Quote Originally Posted by Truewiley View Post
    According to what i've heard from beta players and forum hunting it goes

    Pally->heard it's way op
    Druid/Monk are supposed to be very good
    Holy Priest
    Disc Priest
    This about sums it up.
    I don't mean to flame, at all...
    but has there ever been a time in the past few expansions where Pallies and Mages have been seriously or anywhere near underpowered?
    Are they just easier to balance or something?

    Sometimes I think Blizzard really has no idea.
    There was a point in the beta when Resto Shammies were doing less healing than the tank.
    How do you even make that sort of mistake? xD

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    Well, holy priests have been lackluster at the starts of expansions for awhile now just because their regen just isn't all that great and disc is behind this expansion because of the rapture overhaul; Being the last spec who could get away with exclusively stacking int.

    Prepare for a rough patch ahead while we see how we pan out with our regen. It does seem that pallies have been doing very well for themselves; going from "mandatory" tank healers to best stacked aoe healers. Druids are usually sitting pretty too
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    Our Disc priest slaughtered the healing meters last night if that helps, but of course we won't really know until level 90 when things may be very different.

    And it all depends on your definition of "useless". Our raid team has had at least one of every kind of healer this whole expansion, no class has even underperformed to the level that their class gets benched. I expect MoP will be the same, if a class falls too far behind it'll be buffed. What's useless? 1% under par? 5%? 10%? 20%?

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    Just to be clear; OP asked what Mop healing was going to be like.

    No healing class is useless just sub-optimal and that really only matters in very high end guilds where they will bench when everyone is playing their spec 100% and one spec is doing less heals then the rest.

    My raid team too has had every healer and we never hit a point where we said, "Lets stop picking up X healing spec because they just can't perform". But we aren't a high end raiding team.

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    Heard Rshamans and Rdruids are supposed to be very good in MoP, dont know about the others

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