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    Which shaman spec is faster leveling?

    If it's enh, by how much? I'd prefer a caster but if enh is that much better I'll go enh.

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    resto? shorter dungeon queues

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    Quote Originally Posted by rogas View Post
    resto? shorter dungeon queues
    I don't find running dungeons hundreds of times in a row fun, I will be questing. Why is it so hard to get a good answer on these forums?

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    enh and elemental are both equally powerful in soloing, however, enhancement has a leg up for group quests, because it can solo most group quests.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Genooo View Post
    I don't find running dungeons hundreds of times in a row fun, I will be questing. Why is it so hard to get a good answer on these forums?
    To be fair, you just asked which one will be faster. He gave an answer to that question. You never specified that you wanted it to be fun or only questing.

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    haven't notice a single group quest on beta, I leveled as elemental because of the lightning bolt glyph, just running around pulling everything. Went pretty fast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Genooo View Post
    I don't find running dungeons hundreds of times in a row fun, I will be questing. Why is it so hard to get a good answer on these forums?
    Neither spec is much better than the other for leveling, it is simply a question of if you want to melee or caster. Also ignore when people say you cant solo as ele, you can solo fine with some skillful kiting

    Ask yourself Caster or Melee, that is your answer

    (OH and I would always say Elemental because you have an option of going resto for dungeons then in the same gear!)
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    Its been a long time since I've leveling my shaman so I'm not sure how it is nowadays.
    But for pure questing I'd probably pick enh for lesser downtime, as ele you probably have to have some downtime to drink and such (this may not be true, as I said, haven't played in a long time), but as enh you go melee and use that mana on small heals (and ofcourse your damage dealing abilities) that always keeps you high on HP and mana.
    Atleast that was the case back when I was leveling.

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    I'm levelling my shaman now and I find, as elemental, with Lava burst and thunderstorm, i can kill any one mob with a lava burst crit and lightning, or thunderstorm it away, and with packs, quake and storm, plus chain lightning. and if you get hurt, elemental can cast stronger heals that enha with the added intellect
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    At early stages elemental is easier because you can pull a large pack of mobs, use AG and spam CL -> Mobs dead and no Hp loss.

    Also, you can jump around, dot everything with fs and throw instant lvb's at them.
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    Elemental and enhance are essentially equivalent in speed of leveling. Play the spec you would like to experience.

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    Personally I think if you enjoy your spec, you'll go faster then in another that you dislike I can't do melee very well I'd love to, but I'm much better at caster dps / heals. So I'll be going elemental to lvl from 85-90, as I know the 'way' it plays as a caster much better then melee. That can help you go much faster when you understand what you're doing :3

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    Start elemental, dual spec resto ASAP.
    Chain run random dungeons all the way to 85 (you can easily heal as elemental all the way up till you get dual spec). Make sure to hit every dungeon so you knock out all the quests there. Quest as Ele while waiting in the que, or if you overdose on dungeons.

    Fastest leveling you're going to get.

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