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    Hunter back after nearly 2 years seek suggestions

    Hi peeps,

    i am just bk after a 1 and a half year break (left 2 months after cata) and i started to farm some hcs and managed to finish DS on LFR.

    Right now i have 376 GS and i am pulling 22k as a BM on dummy and around 20/21 as SURV.

    My question is, considering my GS are these values acceptable or i am doing something wrong. I am asking this because bk in the days of early cata (with something more then 360 GS) i was able to pull 30K on patchwerk style fights (can't remember on dummies), so i was expecting (with higher GS) to pull at least that value on the dummy. I am now pretty confortable with the shot rotation and i capped both hit rat and expertise.

    I would gladly link my char but i just transferred him on a new realm and it is not visible on the armory yet.
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    Are you by chance attacking the boss dummies? They're currently tuned for level 90.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BleedingHollowVeteran View Post
    Are you by chance attacking the boss dummies? They're currently tuned for level 90.
    Nope, lvl 85s ones...

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    Hi there,
    There are lots of new buttons now, but I guess someone should ask - have you reforged your gear to account for the change to expertise for hunters?

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    Yes, hit/expertise are both capped but my question is...si my dps values actually low or is it normal?

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    Anything under 40k dps is horrible really.
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    He only has 376 ilevel, I wouldn't expect him to be pulling 40k.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redsunrising15 View Post
    He only has 376 ilevel, I wouldn't expect him to be pulling 40k.
    Yeah, i don't care about pulling 40k, if i am not supposed to in my current gear (which is bad)...i just want to understand if i am failing in rotation or if i am doing it right..

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    it sounds reasonable-ish to me. given that you sacrificed some stats to get the exp, which isnt on our current gear as it will be in Mists. you might squeeze a lil more out after you get comfy with stuff.
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    with 376 gear 20-24k dps is right at the mark for dps you should be pulling. If you have any spec questions id suggest heading to warcrafthuntersunion.com and as a guide for reforging/gemming/enchants id head to askmrrobot.com and put in your character to see what they suggest.

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    yesterday i managed to pull 23.5k on dummy and 37k in a 5 men (very burst fight to be honest since he died pretty fast :P). I start to be satisfied with my rotation.. And thanks for all the advices peeps

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