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    Best MMO you ever played?

    Star Wars The Old Republic.

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    If we are not counting WoW - Guild Wars 2 still like to play it from time to time.

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    If we count expansions separately, WoW pre-cata is the best MMO I have ever played. If just as the games are now, then SWTOR.
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    WoW as I am still playing it.

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    Wow is by far the best I have ever played. Played off and on since 07 and will play until the end of wow days.

    Swtor has an amazing storyline for all classes/races unlike any other but my computer made it look awful on low graphics. I also wasn't a huge fan of any of the endgame content. Will probably play it again when I get a better computer to finish the races/classes I didnt finish.

    Also I would like to play Guild Wars 2 with new comp and ESO on xbox one, a few weeks after its released so they can work out some kinks.

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    Best is WoW.
    Second best GW2.
    Third is FF14.

    But, the best, for me, used to be Ragnarok Online, because it was the only one I knew 10 years ago :P

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    Tera (The exiled realm of arborea)

    Beautiful world, combat is very reactive and has a ton of room for slef improvement.

    And what I love the most, your skill defines your limit, any person can be a hero and save a raid, in fact if you are epic you can even solo a current content raid.


    Sadly you need an epic pc which I don't have and it helps to live in the US for ping (although minor compared to the sheer specs necessary for the game to run without fps drops).


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    WoW is my Favorite.
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    Overall, I find wow to be the best. I did give it a break from cata to wod, in which time I played Rift,which gets my second place vote. Honourable mention to Lotro, and I admire, but do not personally enjoy, many aspects of EVE.

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    1) - ESO after bugs were fixed
    2) - WoW pre-cata
    3) - SWTOR before F2P
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    WoW by far actually.

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    I quite loved Everquest.

    WoW brought lots of convenience to the MMO genre and had great class design and more active and engaging combat, which I especially liked, but I still missed tons of things about classic EQ. All the instanced content in WoW was a bit of a turn off for me. I loved how everything in EQ was open world - even the dungeons and raids. You were always having to engage with your fellow players on the server whether that be through conflict or cooperation because of everything being open world. Most of that was lost in the transition to WoW type design where everything important is shunted off to an instance.

    Everquest really felt like an MMO game - your fellow players were an integral part of the gameplay during all stages of the game (not just for raiding). It was a highly social and cooperative game for the most part. Even Vanilla WoW paled in comparison to the social interactions that players were forced to be involved with in order to succeed in EQ. And as everyone knows today you can play WoW and experience the whole game 100% solo with no difficulty at all - it's a far cry from what made an MMO a MMO 15 years ago.

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    I loved Horizons. The game had SOOOO much potential, but sadly, they lacked the funds / resources / development to continue it. It was a massive crafting game, that had fighting in it. Sadly, about the time I quit, it had no dungeons, no raids, etc.

    And of course. WoW.

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    Star Wars Galaxies pre-all-the-crap. The original version of SWG, though sometimes buggy and unbalanced, was the best fun I've ever had in an MMO.

    I've really enjoyed WoW for the last 10 years and met my girlfriend through it, but WoD has totally put us both off the game.

    Fortunately we've found GW2, which has been great fun and would be number 3 on the list for now.

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    I'm kinda torn on this one Wow was game changing when it came out I had only really played FFXI and EQ at this point. Now it's kinda sad and I personally am enjoying FFXIV way more fun than WoW but it has some annoying issues. I guess WoW would be the one I would go to if I had to.

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    Wow. No other mmo kept me interested.

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    And no1 mentioned ultima online, for real? As for me, i can say it was if not the best, but at least one of the best mmos i've experienced in my life. It was really really cool, especially for its time.

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