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    Cool It's summer!

    Today was the first day of summer here in Finland. 27C and cloudless sunshine all day. We went straight from winter to summer in like three days.

    Is it summer there yet?!

    Let's post summer stuff here!

    Have some childhood Lambada:

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    It's summer alright, streets filled with half naked chicks, thank god.

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    Still no summer here, but I hope we get some summer this year.
    Fienden sitt våpen kastet, opp visiret for,
    vi med undren mot ham hastet, ti han var vår bror.
    Drevne frem på stand av skammen gikk vi søderpå;
    nu vi står tre brødre sammen,
    og skal sådan stå!

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    I want to die. Its too hot.

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    No. Summer is gone for us. Our last Summer was fucking brutal. When you have days at 37C + 70-100% humidity multiple times in a row. Yeah nah thanks.
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    Wait... Summer exists in the UK? First I've heard of it.

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