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    Measuring Fever most accurately?

    So I have been Ill for past few days (fever and all that shenanigans) and was wondering what is the best way to measure your body temperature? At home we have been using Mercury Glass thermometer (underarm) however is there a better device out there? Are Digital ones better or the old school way > best way?

    Thanks in Advance ^^
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    I used to work in a kindergarten, we used a laser thing that you put in the ear, was very accurate.

    Not sure it's worth spending cash on that for personal use though, most thermometers (for under arms, up the bum, under the tounge etc.) should be plenty, pretty cheap in most pharmacies.

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    Cranial nerve thermometer.

    Swipe it across the forehead to the temple and bang.

    Why did I say 'nerve'? Well, you get it.

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    Best way = rectal thermometer
    Fastest and good enough = digital ear thermometer (though not the cheap ones)

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