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    I need a browser game!

    So my computer is in the shop for the weekend being repaired and I'm stuck with an underpowered laptop.

    So, I reach to you, MMO-C community to suggest to me some addictive browser/small games to tide me over until I can get back on WoW and Steam.

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    uhh... uhhh...robot unicorn attack revolution, addicting games has a ton of games to play... uhh, happy wheels?

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    Runescape hahaha, umm.. If your into car racing games you can try F1 online. That's pretty fun.

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    some good options here already. I'll just back that
    -robot unicorn attack evolution
    -happy wheels
    -runescape. comes with a free membership trial now I believe, if you use that, look out for the quests "One Piercing Note" and "Song from the Depths" as some really high quality ones with no level requirements.

    so those are pretty awesome.

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    happy wheels is all you need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waaldo View Post
    happy wheels is all you need.
    An epic game, but it's the let's plays that can really make it shine

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    Runescape, miniclip.com, those are the ones coming into my mind now.

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