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    How often should someone change their....

    Socks? once a day or once every 2 days?

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    Once a day for sure, wow.

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    every day after showering

    edit: more interesting question: how often should one change their trousers? :P

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    twice if you work out in those socks. You sweat about a cup of moisture from each foot a day of normal use. So ya, gross stuff.

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    As many times as needed per day to keep your feet from smelling. This may be once a day, it may be three times a day. All depends on your physical activity.

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    When they start cracking while you walk. :P

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    Once a day. More if you have sweaty feet.

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    i change once a week or twice depending on how fast the socks turns stiff and starts cracking then i walk.

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    If you are wearing socks more than once (maaayybe twice if you didn't do anything the first day) then you are gross and you probably smell bad.

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    Who owns more than one pair of socks?

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    If you peel off your socks and throw them at the wall, do they stick to it? If yes then you have waited too long - if no you should be good to go.

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    I change mine everyday since I like to work out and all. Gotta hate sweaty stuff.

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    I change mine everyday, especially after school. School is hardwork, gaiz.

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    Once a day put a pair on when i wake up, take off before i go to bed. Use more if i dirty them or w.e

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    Fresh pair in the morning and I try to change them around mid day if possible. It's just a nice feeling having fresh feet through the whole day and I find one pair doesn't really cut it weather I'm being really active or not.

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    Every time after a bath or once every two days.

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    When you take them off and put them down on the floor, do they stay up or fall limp? If the latter, still good.

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    Socks ? Every Day!

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    What a weird question. Depends on how easy your feet sweat, temperature, type of shoe etc.

    For example, in winter, if your feet sweat very little, plus they don't sweat almost at all because it's cold, and you sit in house with no shoes, you could wear a pair for a week since... they don't get to dirty.
    However, if you are in summer, you sweat easy and you wear sports shoes that don't allow air to circulate, you will need to change them every time you remove your feet from the shoe... because they're dirty and they smell.

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    I generally don't wear socks if I can help it. Socks are silly.
    But daily sounds good.

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