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    what type of dps should a balence druid be pulling at ilv 567 or so?

    I recently recruited a friend from another server because my 25 man guild had needs for a boomkin, well he just got kicked from his old guild and I agreed to help him so..the 2 kinda fit..well..sometimes he pulled 250k + dps..other times..hes on say...H galakras..170k. im a bit confused about this..i would link his armory and all that stuff...but..he doesn't know this character on mmo-champ and hes pretty frequent poster here and thw wow forums...I just wanan know ..about what type of dps should he be doing? I don't want him pissed at me..
    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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    Hard to say based on only ilvl but I'd say 270-300k should be doable with 567ilvl.

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    ok I received his permission to post this


    when I originally recruited him I told him. mechanics and surevival is more important then dps...but in this case..hes living the full fight..but doing 170k dps..with a legendary cloak.
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    my friend code...

    5241-1925-7760 name toasty

    up for battles ...after 10/18/2013

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    Not sure how long your friend has been playing boomkin, maybe he just got back to the game? In the nicest way possible I'd try to point him towards a basic guide, maybe start with the icy veins one or the sticky on this forum.

    There's multiple mistakes so I am not sure where to begin to start. Maybe look at an explanation of how to do a boomkin opener. One big problem is talent choice. Force of nature wouldn't be ideal on galakras.

    For gearing he should probably try out the 10289 haste breakpoint as well at this point.

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    - 10289 haste
    - 5100 hit
    - infight pot
    - skill inc and hotw
    - he should pop his cooldowns quicker, he use CA 5 sec before immerseus trinket gets off...
    - he use CA only once in a 5min fight, why?^^ on the second galakras try(9min) he forgot to use any cd...
    - start solar -> use starfall + prepot -> inc -> donate mushrooms -> ca -> dot everything...
    - addons: balancepowertracker, tellmewhen/weakauras/classtimer
    - read some guides and learn on dummys or low raid instances...

    sorry for my bad english ;D

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    I saw that he went towers, was the logger also up, or did they stay down? Sometimes there are range issues and the WoL reported damage is inaccurate. Generally speaking, I think it's better for boomies to stay bottom, since they can solar beam, typhoon, and bash to help with add control. Here's his armory for convenience: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/characte...dandy/advanced and I agree with the others that he needs to reach hitcap and haste bp. He logged out with Dragonwrath, so I can't fix his gear up (and he might be fine once he swaps in his actual weapon). I would recommend that he use Smooth Serpent's Eyes rather than the Brilliants, since they give 480 Crit rather than 320 Int, but that's obviously a judgement call. Microfish, your English was fine there except you "detonate" (explode) mushrooms rather than "donate" (give away) them.

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