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    Changes in Feral gameplay

    Hey guys

    So I reactivated my WoW subscription recently for the first time since WotLK and really enjoy the game again while leveling a Monk right now.

    However, I am not sure which class to play in the upcoming expansion.

    I really loved my Feral Druid in WotLK for its great utility. Not only for the challenging rotation or priority list - if your tank died you’ve been able to resurrect him, go to bear, burn your defensive cooldowns, taunt the boss and tank it for quite a time until your tank is healed up and can take over again, afterwards you throw your innervate on a healer to restore their burned mana and go kitten again. I really loved these situations when you could feel REALLY important for the group when things go wrong.. and man, things go wrong so often. I also loved the ability to support group healing in dire situations, I think there was a talent giving you healing spellpower based on your agility. These things diversified the game in such a great way.

    Now things have changed quite a bit and I don’t expect everything to be the same, however I wonder if you still got this unique hybrid-feeling when playing a cat and do really usefull stuff for your group beside just providing damage?

    Thanks for your comments and have a nice day everybody

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    Everything you listed is even more doable than before except we no longer have innervate.

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