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    Question Shirvallah Weapon

    Even though it uses the Worgen "bone structure" we won't have gear on Shrivallah, which is sad. But I think it should be absolutely no problem for them to show weapons on the model (like on the Moonkin). I would love that. What do you think?

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    Oh. I misread it as "attack with weapons", which would defeat the very purpose of being a FERAL druid. Showing weapons on that skin is absolutely alright though. One of my main concerns with druids (esp feral, which I'm playing) is that I get to show off and, more important, see my own transmog only afking in the city.

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    Why show the weapon on your back if you're just gonna attack with your hands anyway? It'd be the monk weapon debacle all over again, and those guys are STILL crying about how little they use theirs.

    As feral, your paws (or freakish cat-man hands) are the deadly weapon. Embrace that fact. There shouldn't be anything shifting the focus away from that.

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