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    Droodfocus Help

    This is also on FD.

    I have been using droodfocus for a few weeks now, and with 6.0.2 comes using FoN a lot more. I was trying to find a way to get the FoN stack count to function on DF. I was really hoping that It could show the amount of time remaining on the next stack cool down and the stack count, but I don't know if that functionality is there. I know I can do it in WA, but it would be convenient to have it in DF with the other trackers I'm going to use moving forward.

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    Might be helpful to you: Weakauras implemented a new way of tracking/showing cooldowns with charges. I've seen a presentation video by the coders (on youtube) a few days ago. Maybe that leads you in the right direction. I didn't look further into that, so that's all I got.

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    I have no problem with using weak auras. I use them for a lot of things, but it is very nice to have everything in place in a compact and effective way thru droodfocus. I am wondering if droodfocus, specifically has the functionality to track charges of FoN.

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