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    Feral, Lost & Forgotten


    I can not seem to find much information about feral PvP or PvE, whats the story guys?

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    They're doing outrageously good dps in Beta, have an awesome new werecat form (talented, of course), and combo points stick with you when you switch targets now. That should bring you up to speed :-)

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    The first sticky is a Feral thread but it goes all the way back to 5.4.0. There aren't many Feral posters these days. You can find some PvE information on Fluid Druid. I'm not sure if there is a website where Feral PvP'ers post.

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    We generally use http://fluiddruid.net/ because it is easier to condense everything there.

    Almost every feral involved with the community posts there rather than here/on bnet forums.

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