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    Someone should teach them the art of smiling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    i find it kind of stupid, its quite common with the scene girls though
    What's worse is that guys are starting to do it, also the tilting of their heads to one side.., might as well take pictures of bricks, iq must be about the same, hot or not on both sex's!

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    Why can't they just smile instead!?
    That's problaby one of the hottest things you can do with your clothes still attached to the body and not being punishable if you do it in public.

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    The only one able to get away with a cute duck face as far as I am concerned is my baby and I am sure plenty of other babies. Other then that I think it is a fugly trend

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    To me it seems that duck face is probably an expression of low self esteem. This is not attractive.

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    I make so much fun of my sister doing that in almost every picture she takes.

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    Some girls try too hard too

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wikiy View Post
    I'm gay so i wouldn't really know, but if someone forced me to take a pick, i'd say it looks horrible compared to normal.
    Men do duckface too. The third pic in the OP has an example.

    And it's horrible.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tiing View Post

    Some girls try too hard too
    The irony in "Never act like someone else". Sorry, but you appear to be acting LIKE everyone else.
    "Be always yourself". You are apparently a duck with a mole and frog eyes. You're 3 animals in one, thus Platypus.

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    I got a friend who is quite hot when she pouts but its not as extreme as some of those in your pictures though which are beyond crazy

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    Looks plain stupid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Waifu View Post
    Why should it matter if you're gay though, even if you're not sexually attracted to women doesent mean you are clueless on what looks good on one and what doesent ( to your taste) and if you are there's also a guy
    Oh trust me, i have no idea how to judge whether a girl's attractive. For example, whenever i hear a guy comment on how good a girl's butt is, my brain wants to die because it can't comprehend what could ever be hot about an ass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reeve View Post
    Men do duckface too. The third pic in the OP has an example.

    And it's horrible.
    Well i'm glad i haven't seen dat shit irl.

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    No. I mean if the girl is hot, the picture is hot. But the expression is still ugly.
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    I much prefer to see people's teeth and a big smile in a photo. Without seeing the teeth, how I am I supposed to know if I think someone is disgusting or not?

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    i can let the first picture pass but the others are way over the limit, duckface is a no go for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slummish View Post
    I much prefer to see people's teeth and a big smile in a photo. Without seeing the teeth, how I am I supposed to know if I think someone is disgusting or not?
    da fuck, humans are not cattle to be measure by teeth
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    only one who does it hot is Sara Underwood ;D
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    The expression itself doesn't really bother me, it honestly depends on the girl if she is hot or not.

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    The onlyone that can make a duckface is freddy!

    Edit: From queens that is.
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    duckface can be cute on some girls, not so much on others. just gotta have the face to pull it off, like that girl in the first pic in the OP.

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