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    Mabinogi 2 -- What happened to it?

    I can't seem to find any info on this newer than about 2 years old. It was at like Gamescom in 2012 showing off their advanced skeletal system, and that was the last I see any info of it. There is then one line on a random Mabi2 wiki that just says "Game is no longer in development." but no links attributing that info to anywhere.

    I guess it wouldn't be surprising if it was canned, since it was strung out in development over like 5+ years already. And I know I was disappointed to find out it wouldn't be a true sequel to Mabi1, as I really wanted a more modern open sandbox game like it with "anime" styled graphics.

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    It's still around and kicking, at least in terms of development. There were a few G-Star trailers for it recently, IIRC.

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    I see. Still planned for a Vindictus-style arena game, rather than open world, yes?

    I guess I should maybe ask -- are there any newish anime-styled sandbox MMOs out there like Mabi? (I'm aware of ArcheAge, but they seem to have backed down on a lot of the sandbox stuff, and the art style goes a lot more heavily for realism ala AION)
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