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    Cinavia fix? PC to PS3

    I have looked for an answer everywhere for this problem. I have found what people claim as a fix only to learn you still need to adjust things 3-4 times for every movie that gives the Cinavia warning. I have also came across paid software that claims to fix it but have only read that the software you buy is a scam.

    It doesn't happen on every movie but most do have it. I'm using PS3 Media Server for the streaming from PC to PS3. I do have a HDMI cable going from my computer to my TV screen but I would like to have my second monitor back and from what I know you need 2 video cards to run 3 monitors. Anyway. that isn't an option I'm willing to do.

    Does anyone have a fix or a permanent work around to Cinavia using an up to date PS3.
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    I'm pretty sure you can disconnect the console from the internet and it will stop. Not exactly ideal though.

    On your comment about having the tv hooked directly to the computer, you don't need much to power a third monitor, a cheap 20-30 card will work just fine.

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