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    Looking for a server :)

    Hi, me and my gf are looking for a minecraft server because we have one but none of our friends play any more and we cannot afford the full payment. All the online servers we have been to have many players who destroy our buildings and steal our things. We are against griefing and just want to be able to build on a server since building on our own is getting very boring.

    Thank you!

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    greif is something u have to deal with when playing on an online server. It happens sometimes. However, a good server will have ways to prevent it and/or fix it.

    I host a small Tekkit PvP server, u can have your buildings protected so they can not be greifed, however stealing is aloud, so if u don't want to lose anything, build far away from the towns.

    If your interested the IP is:

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    You might want to check out the hatventures server.
    It's the Minecraft server of HAT-films the guys who made the trailers(except the 1.3 one).
    community website
    how to get started
    Youtube Channel
    Minecraft Map: Valley of Ages(map is out of date)

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