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    [Anime] Fan made Star Wars anime

    this is simply amazing, reminds me so much of old Outlaw Star/Gundam while still keeping true to Star Wars

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    That does look good. According to the artist it is still a work in progress too. I wonder if he intends to turn it into a short film and if he has a story in mind.

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    Wouldn't call it an anime, but regardless it sure as hell looks amazing. Giving the Tie Fighter pilots personalities is something that wasn't done in the movies that I think is pretty neat here.

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    Well, that was freaking incredible. I love the style! You're right that it does feel like an 80's/90s Sci-Fi anime but modernise and I think it'd make a great medium for a full series. What I wouldn't give to see this become a feature-length or full series.

    Thanks for sharing. Going straight in my favourites to gaze at in longing melancholy from time to time. >.<

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    i read somewhere that this was not the finished project either. if that is true cant wait to see it in its entirety.

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    Wow. It looks super amazing! What wouldn't I give to see more of this. This is my type of cartoons/anime that I really love and enjoy watching!
    Perfect Illusion

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    *jaw drops*

    I am speechless.

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    Well, he did an okay job with animating, but ugh Star Wars.

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    As a fan of the X-Wing series games on the PC, I approve. I swear the maker of this was a fan of those games as well...

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